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Make safe a london building fire trap near grenfell tower using Local Gov. & LFB auditors

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Make safe a london building fire trap near Grenfell tower

Make safe a london building fire trap near grenfell tower using  Local Gov. & LFB auditors


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What is the full address of where the energy theft is taking place?

in flat g of 352 goldhawk road london w6 0xf of former resident named edward the metre was bridged by an electrician late at night with the involvement of night watch staff who also worked during the day  that were watching next door at flat A used an an informal office that is legally residential but allowed to be used for minor commercial activity such as observation. The electricity in the buildings 352 to 354 goldhawwk road on both siders of the driveway are having dngerous  surges that may be due to too  many bridges of the edf metres been done in the past by different rogue electricians. A search of the building complexes cctv recordings for between 2013 and 2017 especially at night for flat g and other flats in the complex including the flats of 354 goldhawk road w6 0xf where metres may have been bridged as fire alarms have been going off in the past dozens of times that were not as agreed and required by law reported to Reporting Facility - Ref. 843634 julie anne steppings 0208 555 1200 extension 89170 fire safety officer in west london. Flats in the buildings that were renovated circa year 2000 may have been done illegally on spurs extended from a ring circuit in the buildings with out a proper radial extension been installed  that may  not put on record with local fire safety fire safety officer in west london as she and other building  control and health and safety regualtors including the police and edf customer services employee alan hall have not upon request been provided with any installation certificates when made aware of recant wiring work.

Is this a business or residential property?

 Suspected individual/s and/or company committing the theft

 Derrick a.k.a. richard at flat b 352 goldhawk road who was implicated in the above activities has gone missing when further enquiries were  in the process of been made. He was illegally relocated  by support staff tenuously attached to options and not the terms of his tenancy either  into a care facility or another housing scheme  when too many questions were been asked. The building have dealers both living within the scheme and from outside the housing scheme at 352 to 354 goldhawk road visiting at all hours while under cctv making demands with menace of residents within the scheme that with the risk of the use of electricity been used of the grid in a way that is not properly installed

 metered and recorded that makes it possible to illegally grow cannabis  in flats at times occupied by high dependency narcotic drug addicted clients. The matter is so serious that alan hall of edf has been reported to crime stopper and is currently  under investigation by the police with edf staff copied into this communication and edf itself been held vicariously liable and complicit to not properly regulating theft of it's own electricity and it's duty of care as a business operating locally to engage in good business practice and giving regard to the local environment with regard to public safety.

Do you know whether the energy theft relates to gas, electricity or both?

Do you know how the energy theft is being committed? Please provide us with as much information as possible

 Rogue electricians late at night not recoreded in visitors book caught on cctv easily identified with tool boxes that have been given the description of been edf maintenance staff (untrue as eddy flat g when questioned said the electrician was his brother and then his cousin visiting him late at night with a tool box)

Additional Details

Do you have any further comments that will support the investigation?

The matter is so serious the local and national press have been forwarded and copied into this alert on a 500 email list addresses asking edf to get complete cctv record to search using software to search for  images at night time of people entering the building not on face recognition but of image recognition on the persons entering the buildings actual tool boxes to narrow down the search that can then if needed be expanded to face recognition when the visitors book has not been used is unrelible.

EDF can not dodge it's responsibility in this matter of public safety by accepting the excuses as has been done to the police that the cctv cameras are not recording the footage for any other reason is not available or the disgraceful not just excuse but obviously an admission of guilt in behaviour that is wreck less to the local and general public living within the the housing scheme the local area and those passing by a dangerous building who come from outside the local borough of hammersmith and fulham lbhf that installation certificates to the utilities in the building including gas electricity and other utilities are not available or these certicates need to be provided to edf before it can carry out its duty of care locally to inspect the building by an engineer employed by edf. The lack of AVAILABILITY  OF INSTALLATION CERTIFICATES MEANS  LEGALLY ON public health concerns it is deemed that the certificates are not available because the work in the buildings 352 to 354 goldhawk road on utilities has been done illegally and for that reason the lack on intallation certificates provided to edf upon request from edf compels an edf engineer and health and safety investigators with LBHF borough building control investigators to investigate in full this public health concern that may be classified as a complaint. I have screen shot everything on this complaint to an email mass close open circulation. (cc) alert to brutal sadists taking over a vunerable adult hostage and hijacking his home by turning it into a crack den (trying to use local fire regulation with a fire inspector to repel a drug dealers lawyer been used on me as a threat along with the drug dealer that is a criminal that should not be allowed  to take over a building)

Re: complaint to hammersmith health and safety fire safety compliance for those that are vunerable adults Cleaner Greener Reporting Facility - Ref. 843634 to be sent to julie anne steppings west london fire brigade inspector to whom alert referenced - ...

Inbox    x

 Cleaner Greener Reporting Facility - Ref. 843634

complaint to hammersmith health and safety fire safety compliance for those that are vunerable adults Cleaner Greener Reporting Facility - Ref. 843634  to be sent to julie anne steppings west london fire brigade inspector to whom alert referenced - Ref. 834634 whom i could not find a report form for on the health hazard LBHF government council report it website with pdf attachments of complaints the cartel at the council's complaints departments nevwer investigate let alone reply or record



Your details

Business Name look ahead

Title       Mr.

First name           Ronan

Surname              Blaney

w6 0xf

Address               352 - 354 goldhawk road . w6 0xf

Preferred telephone     

Preferred email address      

Problem type and location

Problem type    Health and safety

Team     COM

Location Type:   Home Address


Problem Type:  Health and safety

Problem Details                Attention of.- laura palfreeman

 julie anne steppings 0208 555 1200 extension 89170 fire safety officer in west london and

james filus

at hammersmith and fulham intouch feedback officer of sorts This morning at 04.48 AM a fire alarm went off in the building of 352 goldhawk road emanating i believe from building 352 flat i of resident Martin Kenny at 352 flat i goldhawk road w6 0xf. According to the agreement following an inspection managed by julie anne steppings at west london fire inspection fire brigade service when a fire alarm goes off in the buildoing staff on site are supposed to investigate it and fill in a fire alarm report. Due to in the past soft furnishing were smouldering as a reason given for the alarms going off with a chemical smell a inventory of the soft furnishing were supposed to be taken to ensure the furnishings were up to BSIA ISO standard. No one came into the building this morning from night staff next door tyhat were supposed to be watching the buildings CCTV. The resident martin kenny was supposed to be vunerable with learing difficultyies and a resident who had to leave the building to live else where called eddie from at the time flat g in the building partly because an out reach worker was informed by martins bank that on a photo tag eddie was caught at an ATM machine taking money from martin kennys account. Also making noise in the flat below was samuel bereket who was questioned in the building on april 15th at hammersmith police station for burgarising the flat of habib flat h at 352 goldhawk road. The fire brigade was called and i am complaing because the manager john hunt claimed no knowledge of the incident today when i went to the office at 354 gold hawk road. Instead i was told that martin of 354 flat i who is supposed to have learning difficulties does not and is been called a public health hazard of sorts. The 2 buulies in his falt were the victims and samuel bereket's lawyer would be told about me and samuel bereket would be put on to me. Why was ther no one from next door coming into the building who was wat5ching the CCTV on a suspected crack den at flat i of an alledged vunerable adult. The alarm going off is on record on the building alarm system . Did the fire brigade gain access from night staff into the falt of martin kenny to check if he was all right and on cctv who else was in the flat with him. Why was i threatened today with a drug dealers lawyer who was caught on may of this year buglarising a flat on cctv by staff and been told the drug dealer samuel bereket would be told about me and why now is marin kenny who is supposed to be venerable with drug dealer knocking on his front door and back garden patio windows and doors continously both of which have cctv camera poing at each location while been watched by staff 24 hours a day. Was night staff this morning at 4.28 am under the influence of drugs and pretended not to see anything. Did the fire brigade gat access to martins flat. Who was his outreach worker a year ago that was stopped from seeing him when he raised the alarm over abuse when a criminal was caught on camera at an ATM cash machine with marinns banking atm personal cash card

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 About this form

Issued by             ENV

Contact email

Received on       16/10/2015

Form reference                843634

 Dear Mr Blaney

Further to your emails dated 20th February 2015, please see my response below.

 Request of Installation Certificate from EDF

•         If EDF are requesting this information from you may I suggest you speak to Mr Mark Inmonger, The manager on site at 352-354 Goldhawk Road W6 0XF, who will be able to provide this information for you.

•         If this is not possible may I suggest you ask EDF to write directly to Mr Inmonger requesting this information on your behalf.

 Emergency Plan

•         The property you live in only has one means of escape which is acceptable. I note on your emergency plan for your building it states there are two means of escape.  I have raised this issue with the manger on site who is currently updating the plan for your building.

 I am sorry I am unable to help you any further with your requests.

 I have informed my team leader, Rebecca Burton of your concerns and she has requested any further information  you require, to contact her via email. Her email address is,uk

Kind regards

 Julie-Anne Steppings

 Julie-Anne Steppings GIFireE

Fire Safety Inspecting Officer

Hammersmith & Fulham & Kensington &Chelsea

Fire Safety Regulation, SW Area

London Fire Brigade Headquarters

169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL

T 020 8555 1200 ext. 89170



Dear Julian Anne Steppings.

London Fire brigade

llegal trading by H&F in touch not recording complaints and then stating no complaints get made because the H&F council runs good services. This complaint is about the stardard of trading as a complaint and feedback organisation of LBHF in touch by using Trading standards to put forward the attached PDF 4 complaints itself as a test of the quality of complaint processing and while the complaints are been processed analysing the standard of the complaint service H&F

in touch by complaint managers including if apt to be used James Filus H&F in touch complaint manager. Also Querying the spread sheet provided on looking for proof of poor application of diagnostic criteria by support and out reach workers that work as an integrated partnership with the council LBHF the health trust WLMHt and other support providers including cyrenian support etc and the police to see if the quality of trading standard with integrated partnership has parity with the Stephen Day published ealing council director of adult services report on how ealing council staff are in the role of support supposed to work under parliamentary legislation. Although ealing council is not the same as LBHF the parliamentary legislation on how a council complys to section 75 of integrated partnership is of similar role if not identical to the role of LBHF staff in complying in actions and standards expected of support workers that the legislation is applicable towards relevant to the respected LBHF employees. The Stephen Day report is contained at the end of the attached PDF file for National trading standards to use as a reference


Go to next five pages (1 to 7) to read ealing council director of adult services Stephen Day report that gives executive authority for the action of integrating coerced intrusive support usually done by stealth onto the lives of those residing in subsidized social housing that is owned by private landlords which in a confusing way use the same name as the housing association the same landlord work with when threats of eviction get used by support organization that also use the same name as the housing association a landlord useswhich is illegal as extortion at this point is been used to take over the ownership of local residents very lives essentially putting vast numbers of local residents in shepherds bush west London into a modern form of slavery that is supposed to be a thing of the past that is not done in west London locally in more exclusive area like chiswick if done at all in those areas since the locals there can get on the phone and have access to a lawyer very quickly.


This has effectively meanth as has been proven on record that criminal gangs fronted by security firm where staff much of whom have had military training in the past doctor paper work usually illicitly obtained to take away the independent living of those on low incomes by using psychological torture in referencing threats of incarceration dressed up as a false response to a crisis in the name of the common good that is reminiscent of what happened in Europe in the 1930’s.


Report available online by copying provided  share links in this document onto any google search bar or opening attached PDF files


see file shares at end of email that can be viewed with out down loading especially EDF been  refused certificate to show the wiring in the building is safe  (installation certificate because of questionable wiring )

The following is the implemented procedure in writing posted on the notice board today as Cyrenian cares enforcement of the fire procedure following friday's meeting between yourself and this group that is not the land lord which operates subject to transfer restrictions that you need to take into account. Since you carried out an audit relating to the buildings in the area for london fire brigade that means others living in those buildings including myself may need a copy by post of what was discussed discovered and agreed to both at the audit and any other report following the audit which is not just a fire procedure that is fairly standard and by looking at it there are several concerns that have come to my attention which you may need to address if there are industry standard (BSIA) recommendations to consult with the resident's of the building if even just by post before writting or editing an existing audit report. At the very least could all the residents living in the buildings receive a copy of the fire safety audit report and or other documents relating to the fire safety audit carried out at our behest with the beneficial aim of improving safety and making the residents concerned of any risks relevant to the audit with out assuming that anyone including those that may have learning difficulties are already aware of or have knowledge of these risks and other information that yourself Julian Anne Steppings and london fire brigade deem relevant to such an extent that those living in the referred to buildings are informed in writting by post.

 Could you read the procedure to see if it is up to the fire brigade standards following the audit you did on friday. Is it the procedure you agreed to and also are the recommendations you made that have been included or excluded and if so why.  I will send later the EDF letter sent by post and also supposed to be emailed later to me some time in the next hour. EDF asked lookahead property the land lord to the building today for the installation certificate to the wiring in my flat connected to the newer fuse box for that fuse box that is smaller and different to other fuse boxes that were installed or checked by an electrician in the year 2000 and the stickers on the front of the fuse box that are put there by the electrician  have been ripped off before moved into the flat as can be proven since there is 2 rectangular gaps that are whiter than the rest of the off white fuse box which is the outline left of the stickers that were put there by the electrician. An installation certificate is needed not just for the wiring of a fuse box but the actual fuse box in it's individual product identification number and model number. It can not be for an earlier or different fuse box. Contact EDF to get a copy yourself of EDF asking the land lord directly for the installation certificate and not been given it. This means the wiring in the absence of the installation certificate in the possession of EDF is not done to regulation standard because EDF do not have the paper work that EDF asked for. The wiring therefore is deemed  unsafe and as such is a real hazard. The building was not ticked of when it was built. in other words nobody went on completion of the build circa 2000 with a check list. if this did happen gaps in the finishing of wood wrk around pipes would have been spotted and either the HDF composite wood board would have been re-installed or the gaps would have been filled. This was not done which is serious because vermin that harmlessly live in the crawl spaces such as rats and mice got into the living spaces and the building was infested severely. I filled the gaps myself with wire wool in my flat but in other flats Rentokill were called in who just put down traps on a maintenance contract that did not stop the infestation. Those with learning difficulties or from cultures that do not have as much fear as other cultures of rodents treat the rats almost like pet hamsters. When some one dies a closed casket in cases like this sometimes gets used. As far as i know other flats did not have gaps between the flooring and pipes and cabinets filled. The rat poison does not work because the infestation has been there so long the rats and mice through large infestation and those that survive the poison giving birth to a colony of infestation that is immune to the poison in the mouse traps.

This is what happens when on completion of a new build or refurbishment. a building is not ticked off on a check list to building control standards. Now the wood work is a problem that is known about and so is the wiring. The lack of paperwork means it is a fire hazard. Hazard in the sense of risk not from looking at the wiring but simply from the lack of paper work been at this stage been provided upon request repeatedly even by EDF. The recorded risk comes from non compliance of handing over paper work in a timely manner at this stage if it does exist and is handed over. If is is not handed over and the stickers identifying the electrician and the fuse-box model  have been taken off the fuse box or boxes then it is not just unsafe  also illegal and in breach of building controls and H&F building control needs to know from the fire brigade and EDF informing this local authority about this cowboy type activity.

Miss julie anne could you look at the fire safety procedure attached on the 3 pages of JPEG files and check if it is what you think was agreed to.

I can find problems. For example on page one it states if this applies to 352 building on Goldhawk road that the fire exits need to be unlocked are located at the front entrance and back exits to the garden area. The front entrance is the front door to the building

On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 10:56 AM, <> wrote:

Dear Mr Blaney

 Thank you for your emails which you recently sent.

As you are aware I visited the above mentioned premises on Friday 13th February 2015. Under the Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) Order 2005,  I can only look at the fire precautions for the common parts of the property and not individual flats.

At the time of my visit the common parts appeared to be satisfactory. Therefore may I suggest you contact the appropriate person as mentioned in your tenancy agreement regarding the issues you have raised concerning your electrical supply and meter.

 I am sorry I am unable to help you any further in this matter.

 Kind regards


 Julie-Anne Steppings GIFireE

Fire Safety Inspecting Officer

Hammersmith & Fulham & Kensington &Chelsea

Fire Safety Regulation, SW Area

London Fire Brigade Headquarters

169 Union Street, London SE1 0LL

T 020 8555 1200 ext. 89170




 Email disclaimer

The information in this email may contain confidential or privileged materials.

Please read the full email disclaimer notice at

For fire safety advice please go to

 On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 9:19 PM, Hall, Alan (2Touch/Acxiom) <> wrote:

 Hello Mr Blaney,

 As following on from our conversation on the 20th February 2015, as requested we need to see an installation certificate before we can send an engineer out to your address.

The reason for this is so we know that it’s safe for our engineer to carry out work at your address.

As we have been made aware of recant wiring work at the address until we receive this we are unable to send out an engineer.

If you have any further queries about this can you please call us on 0800 096 9000.

 Many thanks 

 Alan Hall | Prepayment | B2C

Customer Services | Prepayment Advisor

TM - Sam Ellison

Location: EDF Energy, Doxford International Business Park, Sunderland, SR3 3XL

 Carole Harrison

Referrals & Regulatory Enquiries Advisor

Homes and Communities Agency – The Social Housing Regulator

1st Floor, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT

 T: 0113 233 7119

an interim answer

                                  The police have stopped the staff in theory from touching the CCTV recordings due to proven past shared enterprise with residents. Easy cross check on early morning records of fire alarm going off in the building 352 goldhawk road W6 0xf  with the alarm company combined with staff panicking by running out of flats on the cctv recordings that they are not supposed to casually enter during the day.

Make arrangements to do  a little computer search by cross referencing the fire alarms companies data on alarms going off at odd times such as 1.50am especially early in year 2011 when it is unlikely that anyone is cooking with the time and date used to obtain images of care staff rushing out of a drug dealer's flat at 352 goldhawk road W6 0xf & then entering an administration building and coming to the meeting location with everyone else in case of an emergency with different clothing minus a hood. I pointed this out on getting a member of day staff to rewind the cctv recordings on visiting the office 3 years ago to prove i was not lying. Big mistake as she was a junkie. I am to embarrassed to reply in detail to regulation frame work. In criminal violation of regulations we are incarcerated under lies and fabrications done alledgedly by the book. "Well that's O.K. then."  Yet the illegal proven breaking of regulations Carole Harrison you are referring to in an earlier reply as merely not adhering to what is just a guidance paper and therefore by that flawed description not a criminal violation of regulations that are done in a social housing regulated environment. If it looks like a duck quacks like a duck and flies like a duck it is a duck. If it looks like a tax it is a tax, if it looks like a criminal violation of social housing regulations that legally compels a punitive remedy on what the evidence available will prove then it is a criminal  violation of social housing regulations that as a social housing regulator you are there to detect and take action on. In this day and age you can not ask me to take it up firstly with a dangerous group that has a past of using brutality harmful to the individual as a means of management and coercing various contracts lacking in any agreement.

  I am not just been fobbed of on my I.C.O. freedom request where the law is so strong even if i get the relevant legal act referred to wrong the meaning of what i say should mean a feeble excuse by lookahead or cyrenian care should spur to action the I.C.O. demanding the cctv video evidemce of a crime been committed. The guy from cyrenian care named paul i believe that entered my flat under the guise of my carer with a key in 2013 also phoned up heathside pharmacy shepherdsbush road to get his hands on the medication that was  dispensed to me illegally under camera. When the young pharmacist told him where to go away he shouted over the phone "Just do it"!  similar to the carry on used on the young police man with save the day plea and then lies been told. The police reception desk employee at shepherdsbush road w6 told me to put in an ipc complaint on the young police man. Why are the liars and law breakers not brought to book.

When the medication was picked up and delivered to the lookahead (cyrenian care) office with out at the time my knowledge at a time when i was  self medicating picking up my medicine on prescription from a different pharmacy  the law was broken. Six months later the group still was having a second delivery of medication i was picking up at richfordgate pharmacy W6 sent to them from another pharmacy after that delivery was supposed to be cancelled. I have proof  after the group was telling the GP this was stopped.This demanding of medication by someone with out the legal authority to do so was a serious breach of the law on 2 counts. The second count was that i collected  the medication myself at a different chemist at the advice of a gp on prescription which is the only legal way to do it. The demanding and intent to dispensing drugs with out a prescription is drug dealing nothing less, The GP even in around late summer of 2011 found out about the illegal delivery with out my permission of medication to the care group and called the pharmacy heathside at shepherds bush road to stop the delivery. When the staff have your medication they have you outside the office each day been dispensed it while saying they are assisting you in unrapping it while standing over you on camera at the bottom of the stairs. You are  illegally even then been dispensed the medication. Any one not there is immediately known about especially when you make a big fuss and show a letter from your doctor that you will from now on be self medicating and the GP phones the pharmacy and the care group to cancel the delivery while been told over the phone by the care group and the pharmacy it was all a big mistake (lie) hands up we will stop immediately the dispensing and delivery of expensive medication that had to be paid for by the tax payer which is prescription fraud i believe

The same person who ran out of a neighbour's flat at 1.50 am rushed into my home after 11.00pm at night with out properly knocking using a key  to illegally force me to go to a separate building to illegally administer the taking of medication    under legal care agreement and authority  that did not exist and used i am here to help you with your medication i am concerned in a creepy type of way when he knew i was self medicating and my care was no concern of his legal or otherwise.

  In seconds i repelled him from my tenanted flat and he looked up at me on the stairwell  while smiling said "i will call the police". I said "i too will call the police."

 I immediately called the police (on record) about an illegal home invasion caught on camera. I was berated and fobbed off by the police and the law breaker's excuse at that point was believed while i was treated harshly when i told the police my side of the story.   On ending the call the police woman said get yourself a good lawyer.

 During the daytime previous to this incident i had a member of lookahead staff see him  on a cctv recording  coming out of the drug dealers flat in the early hours of the morning  who assured me on looking at the recording that  lookahead housing property and or care housing association headquarters at 1 derry street  borough kensingtonlondon would be informed about this member of staff yet this reporting as far as i know did not happen. The only thing i am aware of that did happen in relation to this was someone rushing into my home late at jolly facebook final edit part 1 starts @ 80 mins apple jolly facebook final edit part 2 starts @ 15 mins

see attachment further on at end of email

 Carole Harrison  Referrals & Regulatory Enquiries Advisor

Homes and Communities Agency – The Social Housing Regulator  1st Floor, Lateral, 8 City Walk, Leeds LS11 9AT

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 Comment box

 Lee you need to help laura palfreeman to whom the assessing of PATH housing related issues has relevance as she is the the individual at the council that i need as lead person in investigating a complaint i sent over the last 3 weeks I will cut and paste it to the end of this email after Action Fraud text 1742.

 Main email

Merged pdf .pdfThe annexe st mellitus church tollington park london n4 3ag.jpg  Bogus charitable organisation using church garden shed as a glorified P.O. Box to use as bid candy by criminals using autistic disorders as a front. You will end up with a clergy man topping himself as has happened else where before.

 Action Fraud


On Thu, May 15, 2014 at 12:58 PM, Action Fraud<>wrote:

Dear Ronan,

Thank you for your email.

Action Fraud records fraud crime and information on behalf of the police in the UK.The information is then used to build intelligence on fraud, which can then assist with investigations.

If Cyrenian Care have submitted a fraudulent claim for social care to the council, then the victim of the fraud would be the council who accepted the application.I note in your e-mail that the Local Government Ombudsmen are already investigating the matter and I would suggest leaving the matter in their capable hands, as they will be able to record any criminal activity themselves.

Action Fraud was introduced to encourage members of the public and small businesses to report fraud to us, so we can build a bigger picture of the scale of fraud happening, and to build intelligence to aid police investigations. Please note, we cannot guarantee nor prompt a police investigation.



Action Fraud


Attn. James Filus  H&F In Touch Manager  020 8753 4499


        Laura Palfreeman suitable lead person in investigation 

A. (1 to 4) The complaint itself is on Word attachments LBHF page 1 to 4

B. Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 1 & 2

C. Word attachment labelled Building criminality (criminality in special needs building)

Other attachments to support Hammersmith in touch complaint on organised crime been used in a special needs building resulting from practically  no learning difficulties been funded in social housing and the support category of funding which uses street thugs type security firms to do coerced home care on vulnerable adults including autism clients along with at times the elderly

The lead person on the complaint needs to be who i met as she works with the housing assesment processing of PATH applications and needs to query her manager and notify or investigate (course of action required not known at this stage relating to the  procurement officer) the procurement officer David Thomas from Westminister email could be . Laura can not safely move   vulnerable adults that have learning difficulties into buildings with criminals because all funding is for supported housing which the vulnerable have to come under the category of support  to be able to access social housing and not end up on the street. In effect you have doves and hawks as a polemic description living in the samme buildings which used to be illegal and should still be illegal

The other attachments are labelled as follows

 D. 1. PATH False Application  Pge 1

E. 2. PATH False Application  Pge 2

F. 3. The Maudsley Report Introduction Pge 1

G. 4. maudsley report final page

H. 5. Information not handed over to any care group

I. 6. CQC alert inconsistencies page 1 practice philip jones wake up call 

J. 7. CQC alert inconsistencies page 2 practice philip jones wake up call

I need laura palfreeman in response to james filus stated need for clarification to be the lead person at PATH in social services into looking into my complaint or at the very least to have an interest in the complaint by been involved in the complaint in a  guardian capacity of the proper handling of my complaint. She is needed to act as a witness to ensure transparency

Mr filus if you are not clear just as the complaint should be handled just read the complaint itself as 4 view able share links and also what is extraneous to the complaint and now applicable  include the view able share links labelled Building criminality (criminality in special needs building) as relevant to and a part of my complaint. You do not have learning difficulties and i can not make the complaint any clearer as i am the one with learning difficulties. Let Laura Palfreeman investigate and do not threaten me again over the phone when i tried to bring the bogus PATH appplication into evidence as supporting my complaint. To help with the investigation with the use of transparency i am copying in 200  triborough key worker colleagues as observers to ensure a fair investigation with voluntary assistance if needed for your issues in finding it difficult accept a complaint as valid when the evidence has been provided originally when you received it in the post and now shown at the end of this email on share links that are view only not down loadable so there can not be a problem with you accessing the share links  that are documented evidence which support the complaint.

For Share links skip to the end of the following scandalous email.

Share links labelled from  A.(1 - 4)  to J.

 on Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 2:45 PM, James Filus <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Blaney

Complaint 812587

I write further to our telephone conversation today, concerning the attached complaint which you recently submitted to my service.

I have read through the documents and I am not clear on what your complaint is?  I have noted from the documents you have provided that you are in contact with a number of support agencies and I feel it may be beneficial for you to use that support to better communicate your concerns.

In my experience, when people write on documents, some of which are clearly unrelated to the matter at hand, it makes it very difficult for someone in my position to understand.

As you have mentioned the PATHS service and also Laura Palfreeman in both your complaint and during our telephone call, I contacted Ms Palfreeman to see whether she is considering an application from you.  Ms Palfreeman explained that a referral was received some time ago, but it was not progressed.  I was also informed the process could begin again, if this is what you are seeking.

If you want to pursue your complaint, I would strongly recommend using an advocate or someone that can help you clearly communicate your concerns.  Otherwise, I trust that you will contact the PATHS team directly.

Yours sincerely,

James Filus

H&F In Touch Manager

020 8753 4499

A. (1 to 4) The complaint itself is on Word attachments LBHF page 1 to 4


   1  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 1  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 1

   2  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 2  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 2

   3  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 3  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 3

   4  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 4  LBHF in touch procurement irregularities Page 4

B. Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 1 & 2

  Evidence review letters showing organised crime used on autistic client

1  Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 1  Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 1

2  Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 2  Supporting evidence is word attachments labelled Evidence review letter 2

C. Word attachment labelled Building criminality (criminality in special needs building)  criminality in special needs building


D. 1. PATH False Application  Pge 1  PATH False Application Pge 1

E. 2. PATH False Application  Pge 2  PATH False Application Pge 2

G. 4. maudsley report final page  edited maudsley report final page

H. 5. Information not handed over to any care group  information not handed over to any group

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J. 7. CQC alert inconsistencies page 2 practice philip jones wake up call  cqc alert inconsistencies page 2

 1 mins •

Election manifesto on goverment corruption used to banish a nasty british government at the general election in a few days from now.


 Our local labour candidate is andy slaughter hammersmith  west London England  W 6 . If the bidding process for public services in west london is illegal and has involvement at cabinet parliamentary level on public service contracts for CX hospital due for closure then the hospital could be saved if the right questions get asked in parliament when  the labour candidate is lobbied before he is re-elected on a safe seat.

• 20 days ago on the  15th april 2015 at st pauls community centre hammersmith london w6 a delegation was sent to see andy slaughter current westminister M.P. who is a U.K. labour member of parliament. This delegation consisted of lookahead housing with services provider cyrenian care A representative of our housing scheme Sammy (Samuel Bereket) went to Andy Slaughter electoral campaign meeting on the 15 th of April to pose a question over the procurement of the running of our scheme at 352 -354 goldhawk road. The procurement officer needed to know on the bidding process for the changing of care provider on the running of the scheme in june 2013 who the senior commisioner on the bid for the contract that validated the reliability on which the information given was used to assess the awarding of the contract on a fair ethical bidding process. The senior commissioner may have been some one on an integrated partnership with the housing provider lookahead housing that represented a police presence on the proper running of the scheme at 354 goldhawk road. The only person who worked on site for years that we can not find as a direct employee of lookahead and therefore may have been the police senior comissioner in job title may be john hunt of the chiswick area of where he could reside (10 mins to cycle to work).


 Question? Why does procurement officer at the bidding process not know when i asked him on the phone who the senior commisioner was on the bidding process. This lack of transparencey is at odds with proper procurement or purchasing procedures on a contract for local community services. Who is the senior commisioner if he is a police employee. if it is john hunt mr d. thomas told me the bidding for the contract went to him to be finalised on written approval at cabinet level on health services. Was that cabinet level minister named jeremy hunt. It is illegal after scandals such as circle 33 housing association for 2 people to be well known to each other or related that work for the same council or know each other on the bidding for public services of a certain type. To stop corruption acts of law were passed at westminister. If jeremy hunt was at cabinet level caught giving written approval on lucrative public contracts and the senior commisioner was named john hunt then it is possible that the 2 hunts if from chiswick are related making the procurement unethical the signing of written approval at cabinet level corrupt to such an extent that it could be interpreted as organised crime on a cabinet level pending investigation as the hospital that is been closed down called CX by jeremy or chris hunt has had many of it's services procured to service providers that are allied with and have the same name of housing associations such as lookahead housing of 1 derry street high street kensington west london.


. The scheme is supposed to be for vunerable adults with learning difficulties and as john hunt stated in the past "there are no violent or dangerous adults in this scheme" then why sammy from 352 goldhawk road who went to your meeting today was and maybe still is wearing security ankle tags provided by Serco security. Also if he is under curfew why at 12.40 am this morning did edward from 352 goldhawk road go to the observation room talk to the night staff still awake while under cctv and then leave the project in the dead of night with sammy while under cctv and observation of night staff if sammy is dangerous, Did the large gentleman who took sammy to see you today mr andy slaughter make you aware of the risk I am sharing this comment with 100 mps 100 news organisations and 300 lawyers or the share option to the sending of this message.


once again why was the identity of the senior commisioner (if a police employee) on a transparent bidding process not revealed as this oddness in purchasing procedure may need investigation

yours sincerely r. blaney 352L goldhawk road, hammersmith london w6 0xf


By using the edf Electricity supplier letter on the safety of the building the senior commissioner responsible for the buildings clients on health and safety can be seeked out and identified to see if there is a link to the procurement of services at top westminister government level and if this is the case the government is in trouble in the middle of an election campaign

Opposition M.P.


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