Julie and Colin - Please protect Seaward Village and Allen Park

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Dear Minister and Mr Barnett,

This development will have an unacceptable impact on both defence families and the surrounding residential community.

It adds over 160 new private residences (with very few additional homes for defence families), compromises the security of the defence families, destroys native bushland, threatens fragile coastal dunes and the vital City to Coast bush corridor, degrades an A-Class Reserve; and funnels a 300% increase in traffic through the neighbouring area.

It also compromises the noise and privacy buffer currently provided by Seaward Village and the bushland, and threatens the long-term viability of Campbell Barracks in that location.

In 1991, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works conducted an inquiry into the proposed redevelopment of Seaward Village by DHA. DHA advised, and the Committee agreed, that:

  1. for operational and social reasons deriving from the responsibilities of the SASR there was no scope for DHA to develop Seaward Village as an estate containing a mixture of civilian and defence housing.  
  2. there was no scope to increase the number of houses in the Seaward Village area without unacceptable extension into ecologically sensitive areas.  Any excavation of steep slopes in dune formations to provide suitable housing blocks was undesirable and should be avoided.
  3. DHA also advised that it had “agreed to conditions which principally mean that the housing and land will not be sold into the private sector while the SASR or similar special unit is maintained at Swanbourne.” (DHA Statement of Evidence and Supporting Drawings to Public Works Committee, April 1991)  This condition is reflected in the 2001 Covenant executed by DHA. (Click link for all associated documents).

The need to protect both the security and peace of mind of our defence families, and the precious remnant bushland and the wildlife it supports, has never been greater.

There is a long waiting list to live in Seaward Village because its location provides a level of social support for the personnel and their families that simply can't be replicated elsewhere.

This proposed redevelopment is a bad planning outcome for the long-term viability of Campbell Barracks in its current location, the welfare of the defence families, the local civilian neighbourhood, and the environment.

For these reasons I endorse the letter to Marise Payne which was sent with over 250 signatures in September 2015.

I also endorse the Motions of the City of Nedlands and support the City of Nedlands's efforts to protect and preserve the amenity of the Allen Park Precinct, and John Allen’s vision of a " natural garden... playing ground and lookout for the people for all time."

I support the unanimous Council Motion of 26 May 2015 (item 14.4) and I too request that the following matters be addressed in any proposed redevelopment of Seaward Village :

  1. No through traffic from the development along Sayer Street or other existing  local roads within the Swanbourne Community;
  2. Exclusion of all bushland areas from any development, such that the bushland areas and wildlife corridors are preserved and enhanced;
  3. Public Open Space (POS) be increased and developed to a high standard in the consultation with the City;
  4. Pedestrian and cycle access involving connectivity between the local community and the POS and Bushland areas within the redevelopment; and
  5. Any other potential negative impacts of the redevelopment upon the local Swanbourne Community.

I support the unanimous Council Motions of 28 July 2015 (items 14.2 and 14.3) and of 22 September 2015 (item 13.3) and request the closure of that part of Sayer Street Swanbourne (A Class reserve 19283) that is not a dedicated road and traverses a reserve, and the reinstatement of the area to its original natural state.

I support the City of Nedlands’ objection to the proposal by Defence Housing Australia to increase the area of the Seaward Village Improvement Plan to include parts of the A Class Reserve and Sayer Street Swanbourne. (Item 18 - Minutes of October 2015).

Yours Sincerely  

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