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After young girl appeared on my front door step in distress as three men from Iran were abusing her and dragging her up the footpath to do HARM and HARASS her yet the police did nothing and let them go. If she didn't scream and cry for help it could have been worst. Our communities in Australia are no longer safe and these people are being housed in all places around our country. This is not alright and do people have to live in fear because of the prime ministers decision to let them in to our country on a daily basis. She and the police service should be ashamed and how can they call themselves Aussies at the end of the day when they are the reason this is happening. Who will they do it to next, it could be your sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter. This has to stop immediately and stop protecting them and letting them get away with it. If it was an Australian or indigenous Aboriginal we would be locked straight up. Something has to be done as since they have commited their crime, they think its ok to go out and start threatening and intimidating people by video camering them, taking photos on their phones, writing down descriptions of peoples units in front of their houses,  playing games by blocking people in their driveways so they cannot get out, playing games because they know they can get away with it. This is unbelievable and if we were to go to their country and pull these stunts we would be put straight in jail or shot on the spot.

Time to make a change and deport them whenever they commit a crime no matter how small it may be. This is disgusting and Julia Gillard you are a disgrace to this nation and i think alot of people cannot wait for you to be voted out.

Deport any foreigner regardless who disobeys our way of life......ENOUGH IS ENOUGH
Stop worrying about causing conflict with other countries and being scared to man up and actually do something. If other countries dont like it then so be it. This has gone on way to long and we need someone who can take charge and lead their fellow Australians !!!!!!!

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