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Enact a humane and safe solution to the Global Refugee Crisis.

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Dear Everyone,

I have been following the refugee "crisis", "more boats arriving every day", "oh my goodness, imagine people fleeing violently oppressive countries like Afghanistan", commentary and discussion, in the papers and online, for a studious while. I have listened to the personal stories of many refugees who have come by boat, including Najeeba Wazefadost's. I have personally spoken with Najeeba and she is an outstanding Australian, one who works for the betterment of other individuals. She is an Australian who inspires other Australians and is actively involved in creating Asylum Seeker policy change:

Similarly, Senator Sarah-Hanson Young has shown admirably strong leadership all throughout the ensuing, painful-politically-led-rhetoric of the "major" political parties. She earnestly broke down in tears when addressing parliament in relation to the then latest boat tragedy; the boat had been besieged by the rough Australian coastal seas. She and the Greens have clever input: a New Regional Plan of Action. This will increase the amount of refugees Australia accepts and gives asylum seekers a true deterrent to despairingly hopping on a boat to Australia. Learn more about it here:

My thoughts are that there should be no discussion about the individuals who seek asylum in our country. Let's remember, why are they doing it? It's legal and it's for fair reasons. It's for reasons that I'd do the same.

Let's think about Australia's role here. They're not adhering to UN Refugee obligations. I would like to see one single news release published on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website: "Humane and Safe Solution Enacted by Australia to Help Manage the Global Refugee Crisis.:"

This would make us all happy.

Let's get behind the thoughts of Najeeba and the Greens for the enactment of a solution that is humane and safe. Let's tell Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott what we think!

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Warmest Regards,

Anthony Irwin Jaeger

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