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Petitioning Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia, All State and Territory Premiers: SUSPEND Charitable Tax Free Status Churches Opposed to Mandatory Reporting

The Governments have the power to Suspend Charitable Status of any Church, Charity or Organisation that is not complying with Australian Law.
Some Church and Charitable Organisations and their related Tax Free Entities consider themselves to be above the Law in regards to the Protection of Children.

Violent crimes against Children must be reported to the Police. 
Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse is required of many Professionals who children may disclose abuse to. In Australia it works to inform a Centre Against Sexual Assault and Child Protection Authorities.
If the Charitable Status is suspended then all Land Taxes, Local Council Rates, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax are payable by those organisations on ALL of their assets.
This should concentrate the minds of the Boards of Management of these Churches, Charities, Organisations and their related Property Trusts, to ACTUALLY consider complying with Australian Law.
Please sign this Petition and pass it with a Recommendation.

Letter to
Prime Minister  Julia Gillard
Please SUSPEND the Charitable Tax Free Status of ALL Churches, Charities, Non-Profits and their related Property Trusts that are IN PRACTICE, Opposed to Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse.
The Federal And State Taxes thereby payable from these very wealthy institutions can fund the Royal Commission into Child Abuse and Crimes Against Children.
Yours Sincerely
Helen Dawson