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Replace styrofoam cups at Juice Zone with a more environmentally friendly alternative

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Expanded Polystyrene Foam, or more commonly known as styrofoam, is nearly the ideal packaging material for corporations worldwide. Mass production of styrofoam allows the material to be especially cheap, enabling companies to buy in bulk in order to assuage the demands of their customers. The need for styrofoam has never been higher, as new uses for the material are always being discovered. Just last year Americans used over 25 million styrofoam cups, but these cups will never leave our ecosystem. Styrofoam never biodegrades, meaning that styrofoam cups produced and used years ago, will remain in our landfills forever. As the cups break down, they often make their way into storm drains, and their lack of weight allows the pieces to end up in our oceans, polluting our marine ecosystem. Styrofoam is the second most common form of aquatic pollution, and when consumed by marine life, the chemicals within styrofoam poison and eventually kill the animal that mistook it for food. However, companies will continue to use styrofoam as long as they remain financially incentivized by the material. Juice Zone, an extremely popular small business in Blackhawk, California solely uses styrofoam cups in the distribution of their smoothies. Hundreds of smoothies are sold everyday, with the Styrofoam cup as Juice Zone’s trademark. We need to take action in order to diminish the use of styrofoam at small businesses such as Juice Zone. In order to do so, we aim to implement a program transitioning Juice Zone away from styrofoam cups and utilizing a more environmentally friendly alternative. This may just be a small step in the road to exterminating styrofoam, but ultimately these small steps will be necessary to make significant change.

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