Tell EPE and Authentic Brands to stop the lies attributed to Elvis's ex-wife Priscilla

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Elvis A. Presley fans do not want to hear any more of Priscilla's lies about Elvis, she is trying to destroy his character, image and reputation, her only goal is to keep herself in the limelight to Elvis's detriment, and this latest publicity stunt for her HBO documentary is a case in point, most fans are disgusted at the lies that have been attributed to her, but it is not the first time she has lied about Elvis, often live on TV shows and on her track record it will not be the last and it has come to my attention how many fans have said they will not attend anything that she is compereing/hosting because of it, it is time for E.P.E and Authentic Brands to disassociate themselves with her before she not only destroys Elvis Presley's legacy but their business as well, she is his ex-wife and Elvis did not want her associated with EPE hence clause in the divorce that she should not use the Presley name for monetry gain which she does all the time. Elvis had her removed from his will, he did not leave her in any way part of EPE