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In 2015 my grandson Adrian, age 7 was abused, tortured and starved to death my his father Michael Jones and stepmother Heather Jones. Shortly after we learned of Adrian's death, records from DCF were sealed by the State of Missouri and Kansas. (DCF records were finally released in both Missouri/Kansas in 2017). Heather took a plea deal and was sentenced in December 2016, she will serve life in prison with a hard 29-1/2 years.  Michael was awaiting trial, which was to begin on April 17, 2017, but prior to that date he took a plea deal.  Michael was charged with 1st degree murder and will serve life in prison with a hard 25 years. With all the overwhelming evidence, we have a hard time coming to grips as to why Michael and Heather did not receive life in prison with no chance of parole.  We as a family have many questions. I would like to ask this question - How can we all stand united as one to make the necessary changes to the system to prevent another child from suffering abuse?  We use our VOICES! 

Since Adrian's death it has become very clear to me and many others that the current system DCF (Department of Child & Families) in Kansas is failing miserably to protect children. We must get to the very core of the problem, which is DCF and their failure to remove children from abusive situations. It has been discovered that DCF in Kansas has a history of shredding records, which leaves me to believe they have things to hide. One way that we can push for transparency within DCF is to establish an Children's Advocate Office in Kansas, which needs to be independent from DCF.  I was invited to speak at the Capitol in Topeka by Representative Jarrod Ousley, which I did on Tuesday, March 20, 2018  Here is a little information - An Children's Advocate Office - is defined as an independent, impartial public official with authority and responsibility to receive, investigate or informally address complaints about government actions, and, when appropriate, make findings and recommendations, and publish annual reports. Currently, approximately twenty-two states have established a Children’s Advocate Office with duties and purposes specifically related to children’s services, other states have something similar, in Kansas we have no such office that is independent from DCF. Please write, e-mail or call legislatures in Kansas regarding the need for such an office. Together can make a difference in children's lives! #justice4Adrian


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