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There appears to be a shortage of taxi service especially in the evenings and on weekends.   If you are from Cobourg area, and would like to see additional taxi service, please support this petition.   I have listened to so many people in this community who have called for taxis and the wait is usually 1 - 2 hours.    I called on Saturday night at 10:00 and was told it would be an hour and forty-five minutes.   I think this is unacceptable.   A friend told me her daughter had to walk home at 2 am as she could not secure a cab.    The thoughts of a young lady having to do this upsets me.   People in our community should have access to a safe ride home.  With Christmas around the corner, I would like to know that there will be sufficient taxi service to meet the demand.   I will be contacting Cobourg Council with the results of this petition.

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