Repair Marcus Ave sidewalks and add guardrail before someone is injured!

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As a 21 year resident of New Hyde Park, I have observed that the area on the south side of Marcus Avenue near New Hyde Park Road has been in a state of complete disrepair for as long as I can remember, and it is only getting worse.  People in my neighborhood attempt to navigate this area on a daily basis, both on foot and by bike, and it is extremely difficult and dangerous.  From the Manor, it is the most direct route to Pet Smart, Papa Ciros, Smashburger, Chopt and the Clinton Martin pool.  These are all areas that our children frequent.  Yet the sidewalk is wildly uneven and muddy.  In addition, cars race by at very high speeds at the exact spot where the two roads merge, making collisions likely and putting pedestrians at enormous risk.  (A driver died here not too long ago.)  I have personally contacted Judy Bosworth's office but have failed to receive a satisfactory reply.  The Lakeville Estates Civic Association has also attempted to have the Town of North Hempstead address our concerns, to no avail.  I am hoping this petition will bring attention to the issue before a pedestrian gets injured or killed.