'THE KINGS AIRPORT' to honour Elvis A Presley and Martin Luther King in Memphis

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Elvis has now been awarded the MEDAL OF FREEDOM by the U.S. government, is it not also time that Memphis renamed their airport to honour everything Elvis has done not just for Memphis but for everyone, Elvis single-handedly broke down the racist walls within the music industry making it open for everyone, white stations would not play him because he sounded black and black stations would not play him because he was white, but he persisted and tore down those walls, sadly Memphis is also known because it is where Martin Luther King was assassinated, so to carry on the dream that both these men had I petition Memphis to change the name of their airport to THE KINGS AIRPORT to honour both men and their dream, please join with me in signing this petition, please note I am NOT asking for any money, this is something the petition site is doing NOT me, thank you again for signing and sharing