Allow QPCS students to wear their own hoodies/jackets to school

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As Queens Park students many of us commute to school which are not by car. We and everyone who has signed this petition believe that we should be able to wear our own hoodies or jackets to school because they are arguably warmer than the school water-proof jackets that we have to buy.  

Years 10 and 11 are crucial GCSE years and I agree that it is important that students attend school regularly. I also believe students get ill because the commute to and from school can be very cold. When students are ill and in crucial years they try and be in school skipping as least days as they can and have not fully recovered when they are back in school as they do not want to miss out on important content and course work that they must learn and complete ready for their exams.

Years 7,8 and 9 are also important years as students are being prepared for GCSE's and learn many thing relevant to their further education at school. Students in lower years should also be allowed to wear there own warmer clothing as it can possibly avoid them from falling back in their studies and causing them to be demotivated when they don't achieve as high as they possibly can.

This petition is a last resort as pupils have complained to school council representatives and we believe our voices have been ignored. We should be allowed to wear our own jackets and coats to school without them being confiscated as they are our own personal property and do not cause other students harm like a weapon or cause distractions to the education of students within the classroom.

Thanks you to everyone who has shown support to our petition.

An anonymous group of Queens Park Students. 

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