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Let Alex Kaftan keep his dog.

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Today is one of the last days Alex Kaftan has left with his dog, Mars, in Lincoln."It's not easy. It's a very strong bond, it is a very strong bond," he said. Alex received a letter from the health department in January saying his dog is an illegal hybrid of a wolf, and that he had 30 days to remove Mars from the city of Lincoln. It's all part of a city ordinance prohibiting dogs mixed with wolves to live in the city.Mars is a Czechoslovakian Vlcak, a mix that's mostly German shepherd with a little bit of wolf, and they're legal pretty much anywhere, including the United States."All the information that they could have would indicate that he's not an illegal wolf mix he's a breed recognized by close to 100 different countries," Alex said.Tuesday, Alex went to a judge in hopes that he would be able to keep his dog, unfortunately for him, the judge agreed with the health department. "It felt pretty awful," Alex said.Though he has until Monday to say goodbye to his one-year-old pup, Alex said he's understanding of the situation."I think the city is doing what they think is the right thing to do," he said. The city did not wish to comment, other than the fact that if Mars is not out of Lincoln by Monday, city officials will have to decide what to do.

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