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Bring down pollution level in Delhi

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The pollution level in Delhi is very high -  highest in India. So, it is necessary that we bring down the pollution in Delhi. It can be hazardous if the pollution keeps on increasing. It affects the human life and the plant kingdom and has several adverse consequences. A few of the ways in which it affects us are: 

  1. It causes the temperature to rise in summers making them unbearable, affects the precipitation in rainy seasons and in winters it is the cause for smog which reduces visibility and is the cause for many accidents.
  2. It causes many health problems. It causes headaches, dizziness, respiratory problems like coughing and sneezing, causes allergies and also weakens the capacity of lungs thereby affecting its functioning leading to asthmatic attacks in many cases.
  3. Rise in pollution requires higher usage of air conditioners etc. leading to higher energy consumption. For a developing economy, this is a serious burden on resources.
  4. On a personal level, the energy levels of the body are reduced thereby affecting the per day output of every human being.
  5. Pollution is also considered to induce mutation thus causing cancer due to presence of carcinogenic contents in the air.

There are several ways to tackle the high levels of pollution. First thing is to shift all the polluting factories and industries from Delhi to a well regulated zones far away from the residential areas. Secondly  there should be higher emphasis on usage of clean and green fuels to reduce vehicular pollution. The citizens should also use cycles or going by foot for small distances instead of going by bikes or cars. Finally we need to increase the green cover to give ourselves and the future generations healthy and fresh air to breathe. 

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