Stop plunder of the forests

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Year after year you read of scorching summers ,less and less rainfall ,more and more farmer suicides especially around the Vidarbha region

you have huge cutout’s extolling the tree planting initiative of 5 million and 10 million plants being put out ( 50 lakh to 1?crore) plants. Wrong species as no indigenous plants are planted .The plants are just showed in and there is no chance of their survival

and on the other side the state is plundering the forests in the name of harvesting and managing forest wealth. Trees are cut mercilessly many of them not even as thick as a mans biceps . Trees that have survived the test  of establishing themselves and are in their growing stage are cut just for a few traders and Babu’s to make money. One has to understand how difficult it is to plant a single tree with the growing population and the menace of cattle.Most of the trees are between 10 years and above and have not even achieved partial maturity. And the state is busy chopping them and talk of green initiative ,deepening wells ,canals ,dams and at the same time destroying the mother of all ,Nature

People are proud of having the largest timber auction in Balharsha . It’s a shame to even state this

why cut down forests and spend a fortune planting trees who have no chance  to sirvive

what does the state get out of these timber auction after all the graft that goes into this?

A tree saved will bring down temperatures and    more rainfall 

Trees will hold the rains

why do you want to kill tree which has established itself for 20 /30 years

The state has better means to generate revenue than to plunder forests and then go and plant trees and cry hoarse over farm income and crop failures

Dont be deceived by the greenery you see in the forests roads , the interiors are all being plundered


one only has to drive and see th stacks of timber yards ,govt depos in all the area near the forests and


you wiil come back with a tear and a deep feeling of guilt