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Stop being so harsh on kids or adults that commit a crime while on drugs.

When a young boy or girl gets hooked on drugs they don't realize the impact until it's to late. The addiction makes them steal money or whatever to feed the addiction. Most kids start at just 12 years old. I have been through this terrible ordeal. These young kids then are sent through the court system, it is when they are off the drug they get back to normal, yet the courts don't recognize this fact, they treat them as if this was an intentional act commited crimminally, which deep down this person would not have committed it if not on drugs. Some young boys and girls are sent to prison, which totally destroys them. They come out worse. They are not given jobs or any help so most end up back in jail. It is a terrible cycle and no one is willing to help. Yes getting them off is hard but is it worth it? Yes, they can then contribute to society, given the chance and someone believing in them.

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