Stop incarcerating nonviolent offenders in Federal Prison on drug charges.

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Mass incarceration is a big problem in America. America alone has 2.2 million people in prison. The United States spends 80$ billion on prisons and jails which target minorities. 60% of the people in prison are of color. 50% of people are captive in FEDERAL PRISON on drugs charges. The U.S imprisoned a large population of non-violent, usually minorities, for profit.Almost 60% percent of the drug offenders are of a minority even though drug use is equal between all races/ethnicity.  These victims are subject to forced labor and food punishment. Non-violent offenders are mixed in with violent offenders which create a violent, traumatizing environment. An analysis of 25 years of government data regarding drugs and the criminal justice system, finds that the "war on drugs" has increasingly targeted low-level offenders for arrest and incarceration, and is largely failing to provide adequate treatment in prison.

Drug offenders are also subject to very harsh sentencing, life in federal prison without parole. 


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