Torture, Assault and Abused by the Metropolitan Police UK

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I was accused of crimes I never committed by my partner since 2008 when I was 6 months pregnant he kicked me and I ended up in the hospital .on the 26/7/2010 he accused me of pouring paint on his car still I didnt do it ,I was called by a police officer by names of  Pc Hills he used to call me and assault me on my phone he even promised to kill me I thought that it was a joke ,Pc Hills called me again  on the 2/8/2010 he asked me to go  and meet him on the  8/9/2010 they knew that it was my sons birthday , On that day to be honest my uncle passed away back home my son was very sick but  I still left my son with pastor Grace on the 8/9/2010 to go and make my statement ,I  was at the police station by 4:00 pm because I wanted to go home and be with my sick son ,I meet  the lady at the front desk at the police station she  asked  me why I came to the police station, I told her that I was there to meet Pc Hills to give him my statement she called for  Pc Hills he wasnt any where in his office in south Harrow  she kept on calling as pastor Grace was calling me for my son and it was getting late , she called him again at around 6:15 she couldn't get hold of him on phone, She called again at 6:30pm thats when she got hold of him she asked him to come at the police station as I was there waiting for him at   Harrow on the Hill police station. The police van come around with 12   Police officers they started beating me kicking me the lady at the front desk asked them to stop as the cameras were recording, they told her that they would clean up the cameras, performance of their duties, including PC HILL and his colleagues who were involved in assaulting, torturing  Sarah Naggendo in 2010 and all his colleagues who failed to prevent PC Hill to abuse me.  My Ex partner beat and raped me, he would come to my house and beat me up on several occasion.

The police failed to stop my ex partner Mr Hopkinson from coming to my house to beat and abuse me despite making several reports to the police.  On the period before 22/07/2010 I made several reports for harassment and violence against my former partner, Mr Hopkinson Senior to the London Metropolitan Police to which they failed to take any action nor protect me from the abuses and violent conduct of Mr Hopkins.  The Police to which they failed to take any action nor protect me from the abuses and violent conduct of Mr Hopkins.  The police actions or inactions caused me trauma and loss of my business as a coffee trader.

Mr Hopkins falsely accused me to the police of destroying his car by putting paint on it, he further maliciously accused me of harassment. There was a CCTV cameras present at the location where the purported incident was said to have taken place. However, the police failed to check the security camera to determine the fact of the alleged crime made against me.

After some time PC Hill turned up to the station with a group of his colleagues at 6:30 pm. PC HILL and 8 of his colleagues then approached me, kicked my legs and twisted my hands. I was subjected to over two hours of torture and beatings, all of which caused me severe pain and brain damage. Such torture and beatings must have been captured on CCTV at the police station.

A female lady who witnessed the incident questioned the police conduct and drew their attention to the availability of CCTV in the vicinity. The police responded by saying it will be erased and threw her into the police vans.

The claimant was not cautioned when she was arrested nor was she told what she was being beaten for.  THE LAW PROHIBIT TORTURE ON INMATES IN A POLICE STATION. This incident amounted to miss use of office in public office committed by all the officers who were involved.  The 1st defendant owes the claimant a duty of care.  The 1st defendant is responsible for the metropolitan police code of conduct and the training of all her officers in her force.

I got a letter from the home office asking me to go to London Bridge I didn't know that It was planned by the police on 13/3/2012  God... the police officers come not in their uniforms God..... I was badly assault tortured beat me infront of my son who was just 3yrs they took me to Peckham police station with my son  their boss asked them to take me to the hospital .  It appears that PC HILL, Mr Hopkinson and a lady from Uganda were closely connected. Mr Hopkinson later on confessed that PC Hill was romantically involved in the women.  In fact, it was the same lady who was responsible for my relationship breakdown with Mr Hopkinson.

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