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Pomona Courthouse of Los Angeles County, CA

Dear CA Judicial Commission, Mayor, Governor, Attorney General, Senator & Members of Congress:

We, the undersigned individuals, agree that Commissioner Rocky Crabb of the Pomona East District Courthouse should be removed as a Family Law Commissioner. We feel Commissioner Rocky Crabb has brought more damage to the lives of parents and children, then justice. We sign this petition because we care about the lives of children, the importance of family, and the significant roles of each parent. A child deserves to have both parents in their life, not just one. It has been proven with multiple cases, Commissioner Crabb has intentionally ignored acts of proven child abuse, domestic violence, parental alienation, criminal history, and mental disorders, causing our children emotional torment. We sign this petition to protect not only our children's future, but that of their health and safety. We sign this petition to protect our constitutional rights to have a fair and just trial regardless of sex, race, and income. We feel Commissioner Rocky Crabb is unjust and his actions have permanently and negatively impacted several families. 

If you or someone you know has been a victim of Commissioner Crabb, feel free to contact us at: 


​"I am in the Family Law field and every time that we filed a new case in the Pomona courthouse we prayed that it would not be assigned to "Department D" Rocky Crabb!! It is my opinion that he is biased and loves to be jury, judge and executioner. He doesn't care about the facts and 99% of the time awards custody to the wrong parent."
​-J.A., Pomona, CA 


A Father's Cry:

My ex-girlfriend has been clinically diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder & Intermittent Explosive Disorder. She has been admitted to the Loma Linda Psychiatric clinic several times since she was 12 years old for being suicidal, cutting her wrists, attacking female coworkers with knives, and suffers from an eating disorder. Recently, she admitted in court to NOT taking her medication or going to therapy. Since in her mother's custody, our 3 year old little girl has suffered black eyes, multiple bruises, fat lips, lesions, horrific genital blisters, and most recently, a urinary tract infection. (Her other daughter at the same age suffered 3 UTIs.) There are over 20 referrals on my ex for child abuse/neglect. Also, 15 police reports at different police stations for domestic violence, child abuse/neglect, & battery of another female coworker. I have provided photos, witnesses, police reports, letters admitting to perjury, and even an audio recording where my ex is cutting her wrists in front of both girls & describes the infliction. Her ex-husband's divorce declaration not only confirms each allegation, but he also attached a photo he took of her arm being slit. Not only was she pregnant with our child while she was still married, but Crabb presided over her divorce the same time as our case, unbeknownst to me.

Charges were also filed on our court-appointed child monitor for not reporting the child abuse she witnessed herself of our daughter.

As for myself, no criminal record of any kind, no mental history, completely paid up on child support, never missed a visit with our daughter, employed at a bank, have taught children for over 17 years, including preschool education, yet, I have not been allowed to see our daughter in over 10 months. Our daughter, whom is my mother's only grandchild, has not been allowed to see her family in 2 years.

Commissioner Crabb is completely biased & clearly ignores child abuse.

 A Mother's Cry: 

Eight years ago when my daughter was only 3 years old, Crabb granted her drug addict dad weekend visitations exposing my daughter to danger. It was years of hell for her and myself. I fought as much as I could until Crabb threatened me, told me I was a liar and said if I went back again to court he would take my Daugther and grant him full custody. He always sided with her dad. Nothing I said was true to him. I had a restraining order on her dad, before our court hearing he was arrested for violating the order. I had a video as proof but it didn't matter. He dropped all charges. Giving him more power to stalk me for years and harass me. My daughter suffered for years. Coming back home from weekend visits sick, throwing up, fevers, etc. from her not eating well. Now she is 11 and refuses to see her dad after everything he's put her through all these years. Innocent children that are too young to speak out for themselves are being exposed to so much danger over Crabb and his poor choices over race or preference. I felt because I was Hispanic and a woman he sided with him.


"I have tried family law cases from Northern CA to the Mexican border, from the ocean to desert state lines. I have never encountered such a horrible bench officer. This self-centered, swaggering dictator, with delusions of godhood must go."
​-M.W., Orange County, CA 


This isn't about Father's Rights or Mother's Rights, but about Parent's Rights. Every parent deserves a fair trial, every child deserves both parents.

Now ask yourself, "What if this was MY child?"

Please help us save our children. Separating a child from their family, especially those that love them dearly, IS Child Abuse. Help us STOP the abuse. Remove Commissioner Rocky Crabb!


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