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The American people should know that when judges break the law - and they, often, do - it's YOU who pay.  Haven't the people paid enough?

An article on "Lawless America" dot com tells us "How Judges Break the Law", stating:  

Judges break the law in a number of ways. 

They have a standard little bag of tricks, and they are all smart enough to know how to abuse them.

If you believe that all federal judges are honest, you are sorely mistaken.

Here are the main ways they break the law:

Ignore the Law (As the record shows Judge Don H. Lester did in this Motion for Certification:

One of the primary techniques used by corrupt judges is to simply ignore the law.  That's EXACTLY what Judge Don H. Lester did!  One party cites the law and overwhelming case law.  The other party doesn't have a leg to stand on.  The judge simply ignores the law and rules against the party that was legally right.  So, in my case, my fully paid for home, jewelry, family portraits, clothing and ALL my valuables were taken for a debt acquired by a white female drug addict who owned the home long before my purchase.  Indeed, there was already a complete foreclosure done for the same debt prior to my purchase so how could the courts complete ONE foreclosure and resale for this woman's debt and THEN conduct another - after MY purchase in full - for the same exact debt?  Subsequently, Judge Don H. Lester did not only conspire to take my home and valuables but my life and liberty: You can READ the Record yourself on Twitter #JudgeDonHLester #DrWilliamJMeadows #ImpeachedCops etc.

Cite Invalid Law (

Sometimes a judge will feel like citation of case law is needed to support their ruling.  So, they cite a case that is in some way related, but they claim the case applies when it didn't.  THE first District Court of Appeals has done this a number of times; citing a case in their orders, and then when I review those cases, I find that they actually proved my position.  But the courts ruled against me because their position is to protect the judge, regardless, shielding their peers as oppose to complying with and enforcing the laws of this land.  In fact, such violations of our constitutional and due procsess rights are clear indication that Judge Don H. Lester should, himself, be criminally prosecuted and impeached.

Lie about the Facts in Orders (As Shown above in the attached Objection to Foreclosure link under "Ignore  the Law"; See Appendix, last nine pgs)

Lying under oath is perjury.  Judges are always under oath, and a judge is supposed to never say or write anything that isn't true.  So, when a judge knowlingly lies in orders for the purpose of ruling against a party for the judge's criminal reasons, it is a criminal violation of perjury.  Each such instance is a separate count.  In my case, Judge Don H. Lester has committed many counts of perjury, creating extraordinary circumstances and impact, in an effort to discredit any REAL facts by changing the court's transcript and records on hearings and THEN having me arrested under false pretenses; despite witnesses.  The record filed with the Court proves that he lied, but he gets away with it because the Florida courts will lie to protect their fellow judges and cops who were both IMPEACHED in my case.

ALL ALONG - when you know you're innocent - you'd do as I did: Demanding a #POLY #POLY_PLS to NO AVAIL because they too conspired @1dca_flcourts to support this corrupt judge and not one REALLY wanted to document the truth: The Florida courts wanted Connie Thompson gone because they are thieves and they conspired to facilitate that by employing a corrupt psychiatrist #DrWilliamJMeadows who was willing to discredit an innocent party with more false reports

Ignore Issues (e.g. the Certificate of Sale)

Another of Judge Lester's favorite techniques is to simply ignore issues in orders.  Neither Judge Lester nor the appeals court would respond to motions other than to disregard them thinking I'd go away even when they've attempted to circumvent my right to review on appeal; taking many motions at once and ruling against them without cause.  This buries the fact that the Florida courts are ignoring motions where the ruling could not possibly be explained.  So, rather than make up an explanation, the courts just ignores those tough issues while foreclosure fraud flourishes.

Conceal Evidence (e.g. the Certificate of Sale)

A really dishonest judge like Judge Don H. Lester will simply conceal evidence.  In my case, he has numerous documents, e.g., the Certifcate of Sale, a previous lien to foreclose on the previous owner, and more showing procedural law violations that bar summary judgment to foreclose and prove fraud by the other party and their attorney; except the courts have abused their discretion to circumvent the law and Judge Don H. Lester, simply, ignores and (otherwise) conceals that evidence, refusing to allow it to see the light of day so his criminal efforts are not exposed.  Ergo, my arrest under false pretenses and that recent call from the Fraternal Order of Police that got me to tweeting

Say Nothing in Orders (e.g. the Certificate of Sale)

One of the favorite techniques of the Florida courts is to say nothing or imply the defendant is not credible.  They corruptly call an appeal "frivolous" and dismiss it with no explanation whatsoever.  Sometimes they write a page or two simply reciting history of the case, so it appears it is a real order, and then they write one sentence dismissing the appeal with no valid reason or explanation.

Don't Publish the Improper Orders

When they are violating the law, they have protection by not acknowledging the facts.  This makes it appear the courts and judges who would identify the wrongdoing are operating pursuant to the law; except the enormous evidence of foreclosure fraud in Florida tells a different story. 

I'm sure there are other techniques.  I will add them as they come to mind.

In the meantime, the attached documents show ALL the rules were broken by Judge Don H. Lester and this assault against the people of Florida is (coveniently) being ignored as judges "robo sign" away our Constitutional rights and our homes only to arrest YOU for engaging in the protected act of petitioning the courts for redress.  This is NOT how the law is suppose to work and despite these blatant abuses YOU and I have constitutional rights that CANNOT BE IGNORED!




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