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Start holding young girls accountable for having sex & dating older guys. Charge then too!

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First & foremost, this is not about race, religion, or the recent presidential election. This is mainly about why & how young men typically under 18 & under, are being charged with felonies because they chose to have consensual sexual activities with girl 17 & under. "They" made an agreement together! So why should the male in these cases be punished & thrown in jail? As if the female was a victim of a rape crime? She wasn't forced or tortured. It was an agreement. Then most people say things like " well, she isn't old enough to make those decisions." Really? Why not? She wasn't disabled or had any mental illnesses. So in my opinion she knew exactly what was taking place. It was an agreement. Hold her accountable as well if you're going to charge the male with such a life changing punishment. Then the female will be free to do as she please while the male is locked behind bars as if he had just committed armed robbery. It was just consensual sex people. Of course we all know how the story change when parents find out their sweet daughter is engaging in adult activities, especially if he is a few years older. Although, they both are just teens, she seem to get away as the "victim" while he's described as the "rapist". No No No! They were just kids having consensual sex! If she do not have any medical issues stating she's unable to make decisions herself SHE WAS NOT A VICTIM! Charge them both or just let the day go on. Or better yet go find those people that's actually tying women up, duck taping their mouths close, abusing, & actually killing while forcing their penis inside all those helpless women. Stop confusing rape & consensual sex. It's a different, no matter the age. One more thing. I've noticed the male can also be charge with child pornography if he has saved sorts of nude images of these 17- under girls in his cell phone. Smh ? Now I'm not a rocket scientist, but this is insane in my opinion. The "victim" sent the nudity pictures & the guy is charged with one of the most disgusting charges ever in my book, just for saving them. Law enforcement, judges, and parents please stop abusing the real victim in the case. He's being tortured & ripped of his future endeavors. Let's start charging the females as well or don't charge either!! 

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