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Give Matthew Milewski the Maximum Sentence for Animal Cruelty

Witnesses saw Matthew Milewski drag his new puppy Molly across a parking lot, beat her with a leash and slam her against pavement. She died the same day he brought her home. He is denying the charges against him, claiming he was 'training' her. 'Dogs don't become extremely obedient with rainbows and sugarplums,' he said, admitting that it may have appeared 'abusive' to onlookers who didn't know what he was doing, and that he'd been trying to train Molly in a 'very aggressive' way.

Molly was a four month-old beagle and this breed, in particular, is known for its trusting, gentle nature. Milewski is clearly a disturbed and violent individual who should serve the maximum sentence of five years for Molly's brutal death.

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  • Judge Yvonne Colodny, Miami-Dade Circuit Court

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