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Stop the UNJUST Sentencing before you JUDGE make sure you know EVERYTHING

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It used to be "Commit the crime and do the time" now it's "Do the crime for a blamed crime".  We can't help to feel that the system has failed us.  My brother flew to Tennessee in May 2014 to visit his friend.  He went to convenience his friend to move back to California and live with us.  Not even 24 hours in Tennessee his friends apartment was raided by Gang Unit on a narcotic related warrant.  They found some marijuana and a loaded gun.  My brother's friend took responsibility and told them my brother had nothing to do with it.  They both were arrested and bailed out.  One month later FEDS came with indictment conspiracy to distribute heroin and fentanyl.  They arrested my brother and held him for two weeks with no phone call and no information.  My parents put up their house up and my brother was out on house arrest.  For two years my brother was on house arrest.  In February 2015 my brother's friend was murdered.  Because of his death the prosecutor and public defender told my brother the charge was falling on him.  My brother who has never been in trouble with the law was facing two cases.  His public defender Jay Steed told my brother if he signs a plea he would be charged with one case.  He said if he doesn't sign he will get 20 years or more automatic.  Because it was a conspiracy case all defendants were getting 10 years no matter what.  He said that he would go to trail with the others and it would give my brother no chance.  My brother is not a Gang member he doesn't even do drugs.  He has never been involved with heroin and has no clue what fentanyl is.  Nothing was ever found on my brother.  He was guilty by association.  Just trying to save his friend landed him 11years in prison.  Conspiracy is supposed to get the major dealers and ends up getting lower offenders and the innocent people around them.  Sadly if you can't afford a lawyer you don't get a fair chance.  Like many others my brother was a closed case from the beginning.  The poor has no chance in the legal system.  My brother was taken from his family and two kids who he was raising and placed in a whole other world.  Prison changes a person no matter innocent or not.   He doesn't deserve to be in a place like prison.  Everyday in there kills a little of him and everyday without him kills us.  He deserves a second chance and he should be FREE from prison.  Anyone who commits a crime and has to do a year in prison is hard.  Imagine someone that has not committed a crime having to do 11years.  It is a nightmare we can't awake from.  I ask that my brother Robert Gonzales be released from prison.  I beg that you save his life.  To all those innocent judged, labled and punished stay strong.  To those fighting for them don't give up.  I know I won't.  


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