Release Paul Jones based on the original recommendation from Whitfield County Probation

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Paul Jones was taken into custody on May 25 2017 by Gordon County Sheriff's Dept. On June 3 2017 Judge Parker sentenced him to 3 12-month probation terms, $2500 in fines, 120 hours community service, and a DUI Risk Reduction course to be completed by Mar 30 2018. I had spoke with Judge Parker prior to this date and he could not sentence Paul Jones until in the court system he was aware of the recommendation of the Whitfield County Probation Dept. I had personally spoken to Officer Harr with the Whitfield County Probation Dept twice prior to this date and was informed both times that the recommendation was 90-Days, serve 45-Days. Judge Parker based his sentence on knowing that information. 

On July 7 2017, Paul had served 43 days and I was to post bond for him so that he could be transferred to Whitfield County to serve the remaining 2 days. I spoke personally with Officer Grant on July 7 2017 to again verify the recommendation. An hour after he confirmed the 90-Day recommendation I posted the $500 bond. Surprisingly Paul Jones was transferred to neighboring Cherokee County and then released, never being transferred to Whitfield County. 

On July 11 2017 I drove Paul to report to Whitfield County (which by the way is 2 counties over from where he was living and a far distance to maintain probation on driving related charges with no drivers license - a set up for failure in my opinion) and he was taken back into custody. To my shock I was informed the recommendation had now changed although not a single new violation had occurred. On Paul's first and second court appearance in Whitfield County Superior Court Paul was offered a 12 month recommendation but no credit for his 43 days served in Gordon County. Paul did not accept this offer as he and I felt strongly his time served should count as he was released by bordering Cherokee County and in today's technology age if bordering counties can not see a hold by another county this is certainly not the fault of the inmate. Suddenly that 12 month recommendation now became 2 years 4 months and it has been stated numerous times by the DA and probation that this is due to new violations. I remind you, Paul Jones has been incarcerated since May 25 2017 all but 3 days and not a single new violation has occurred. All violations are from May 25 2017. 

I urge that you sign this petition to have his recommendation of 90-Days uphold as he has served 178 Days as of this day, Nov 22 2017. Or that the original offer of 12 months be re offered as he would have a remaining 5 days on this sentence. He is a trustee at the Whitfield County Jail working a kitchen duty and has been told by many of the contracted workers that he is the hardest worker they have seen. 

Please sign this petition as we have seen with the Meek Mill case, that personal opinions often are used and unfair sentences are given. I myself would have never spent $500 on a bond if I was informed that the recommendation was 12 months or greater, 2 years 4 months. WHY? I have phone records showing my call directly to Officer Grant on July 11 2017 just 1 hour prior to posting this bond based on the information and recommendation he provided. Please help me fight this unfair treatment of Paul Jones - inmate # 134624 Whitfield County GA Jail.

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