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Step Mother walks free after buring 2 year old baby girl

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Hello my name is Indaysha chambers and I am the mother of a beautiful 3 year olded Named  Leah Shan'Tae Lee. 

We live in buffalo Ny & ON JULY 25th of 2016. My child was brutally abuse by her stepmother. My child suffered from second  into third degree burns  on her head, neck, and back 16% of her body. I have documents from Children's hospital indicating that my daughters burns where poof of child abuse.
My 3yr old who has just turned 2 May of 2016 went through the most tragic situation  that no child or adult  should go through.  My child was hospitalized for 5 days  behind the negligent  of her stepmother  and her father.  My child has to live with  scarce  and horrible memories of this day. Now on February 16th of 2016 he step mother Nataja Lee was incarcerated and sentencing is this month June 29th she's looking " three to five years " or time served and 6 years of probation which I do not agree! She was able to use her youth offender because at the time she was 18 years old. I feel as though as a woman you knew what you did wrong and she has to suffer my child is suffering so why shouldn't she. I'm writing this petition today for anyone that agrees with me to please help me. I have soul custody and my baby's Father and I decided with the courts for him to have visitation rights. After I noticed my child was being mistreated during her visits i reported to the police on 2 different occasions this has happened but no one did anything and the law was not enforced. Now this time during her visit with Dad and Step Mom the Step Mother burns my baby with alleged hot water, saying she left the my daughter for a moment in the tub to grab a towel out of the other room and that Leah turned on the water and burned herself, giving her 2nd in to 3rd degree burns. Her Father was supposedly working during the time this action occurred. Step Mom took her my daughter to Woman's and Children's hospital of Buffalo Ny. And her father met them up there , fleeing from the hospital before Buffalo Police could question her. I was not informed of my childs injury until 3hrs after this had happened, when i got to the hospital I seen my baby breathing thru breathing tub it broke my heart. Her Step Mom was portraying the whole time that it was an accident that my baby burned herself with hot water, then her story changed several times, then after telling me that she was washing the babies hair. I've pressed charges, but no arrest were made at the time. Investigation has been opened on the accused Step Mom whom admitted at the time in the hospital it was an accident. The baby also had bruises and scratch marks on under her arm and face. The Step Mom stated the baby turned on the hot water but, no burns are on her arms front body, or legs. It's a straight V going down her neck and back. It's been about a year now and my daughter still has fears of the shower, sprinklers and also the Rainfall.. She has her up in her down days her Trust is a minimum. I have a very smart little girl. I do not believe that this woman should be able to walk scot-free or get off on probation. I like to thank everyone for their time for reading and signing my daughter's petition.

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