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The return of my absconded children!

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My children were wrongly taken by dshs in Washington State! I have a home back in Tennessee and have been trying to move back home every since this unfortunate mishap! The ones suffering  for their mistake are my two kids Akaylah age 8, and Brayden age 2. They temporarily placed my daughter with grandma and closed the case, but because the foster parents want to adopt the department is trying to get me to agree to open adoption or they will terminate me rights! I cannot just sit by while they try to steal my children! I've passed EVERY random weekly drug test for years! I even have two years clean on record before this happened! My son was taken at the emergency room when he was nine days old after being accidentally dropped. It was a accident and I didn't even drop him! I took him straight to the hospital! I just need support to get my children back and let them know they can't just take whomever they please! The main thing that I dont understand is why they didnt take my rights and closed my daughters case, but with my younger son it was easy to find a family that wants him and he's just being taken because the fosters want him! The social worker tells me and i quote "its a different process, since the fosters want to adopt" ??? That's not right! Even though im doing so great and going above and beyond, just because someone else wants him they can have him!? Please help me raise awareness and get my children home with their mommy! If i win, my children arent growing up without me and with strangers! If i lose, i will lose both my childrenchildren, life isn't worth it without them! I miss brushing my girls hair! I miss our holiday traditions! Im missing my daughters fun school years! My son calls the fosters momma ! He calls me momma too but still! Im missing the best part of having children! This has been going on for two years! Please help me! Thanks for your time! 

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