ICE: #ReleaseElvira Detained Since 2017. 26 year old Mom. Sufferer of Asthma & Hepatitis.

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The Honorable Tammy Fitting


U.S. Department of Homeland Security


California U.S. Senate Offices


Ohio U.S. Senate Offices


Washington U.S. Senate Offices

March 30th 2020

Re: Detained Since 2017, Release Asthmatic Cameroonian Young Mother, Elvira, from California's
Adelanto Immigration Detention Center.

We respectfully ask you to release our Cameroonian sister and friend, Elvira from California's Adelanto immigration detention and allow her to come home to her family in Ohio.

Elvira is the mother of two, and a beloved sister and wife. She fled five armed conflicts in Cameroon, trekked through 8 South and Central American countries, crossing Mexico to the United States. She is seeking asylum. She has been detained in immigration jails since 2017, where she contracted Hepatitis A.

With the coronavirus pandemic currently raging in the U.S., we worry that our Cameroonian sister is particularly vulnerable to becoming gravely ill and even dying.

If she is released, Elvira will come live with her sister Mercy, a U.S. citizen whose husband is a pastor at the Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Columbus, Ohio. We are ready, willing, and more than able to provide a safe home and support to our sister as she continues the immigration court process. Elvira is a good person of faith and she is from a loving family and only wants a chance to have a safe place to live.

Please show mercy on Elvira and release her to the care of her sister in Ohio, our Cameroon diaspora community in California and Ohio, and her Presbyterian faith community.

This is for her own good and in the interest of public health.


Ms. Mercy Nwana Akih
Elvira's sponsor and
Coronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Ohio

Ms. Carine Nwana Ammons
Elvira's Sister and
Coronavirus Pandemic Frontline Medical Professional in Washington State.

Rev Mathias Akih
Elvira's brother-in-law
Pastor at Glen Echo Presbyterian Church in Ohio and Steering Committee of Presbyterian Church of Cameroon in USA (PCC USA)

Dr. Evelyn McClave, Professor Emerita, California State University, Northridge,
Adelanto Visitation Program.

Dr. Brennis Lucero Wagoner
Professor Emerita
California State University, Northridge
Adelanto Visitation Program.

Diane Paul, MSW.

International Human Rights Advocate and Researcher
Washington State 

Daniel (Last name retracted),
Southern Cameroonian and Former detainee at Theo lacy Detention Center in California,
Presently in Washington State.

Mr. Alfred Aboya
California Cameroon Diaspora Leader and former UCLA Basketball Champion.

In partnership with the Cameroon American Council's Cameroon Migrant Legal Defense Fund.


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