Tougher Sentence for Double Homicide, #Justice For Deidra

Tougher Sentence for Double Homicide, #Justice For Deidra

September 1, 2021
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Judge Sweeny
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Why this petition matters

Started by Tammy Hulme

Our sister Deidra and her boyfriend were murdered on New Year's Day, by the people who lived in the apartment above her. 

They were robbed and beaten.  Their bodies were taken to Haliburton in a car rented by one of the people who have pled guilty to manslaughter for killing our sister and her partner Justin. 

On the way to Haliburton they stopped in Toronto, with their bodies in the trunk of the car, and pawned their things.  Once in Haliburton they threw their bodies out of the car like garbage and set them on fire. 

Deidra was identified by a tattoo on the back of her neck.. 

Deidra has left behind 3 beautiful daughters who are at the age where they need their mother. They were 14, 12 and 8 when their mother was brutally taken from them.

Deidra will never see them graduate.  Never see them fall in love and cry from a broken heart.  Never celebrate first jobs.  Never see them get married and her grandchildren will never know their grandmother. 

Our mother lost a piece of herself that day.   We lost our mother as well because she is heartbroken and lost at the death of her youngest daughter.  

Two of the perpetrators of the crime have pled guilty and have been sentenced.  One of the people who helped murder our sister was sentenced to 6 1/2 years, and after time served will only spend 2 years in jail.

  The girlfriend received probation for helping them cover up and dispose of the bodies, setting our sister on fire. 

The final defendant in this case is going to be sentenced on September 20, 2021 in the St Catharines court house. He has pled guilty to manslaughter.  He has agreed to the facts of the case. 

The judge has the discretion to sentence him to a higher sentence than the one agreed to in a plea deal.  His lawyer is using every trick to get him to NOT spend any time in jail.  We would like your help, we want to ask you to add your voice to our petition for Justice for Deidra.  Please sign this petition to the judge to ask for Justice.

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Signatures: 2,570Next Goal: 5,000
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