Fair fact based divorce settlements in Cumberland county court system- Fayetteville, NC

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William Christian
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The judges in Fayetteville, NC at the Cumberland county court have shown a consistent pattern in divorce court of bias against men in divorce settlements and division of property. Many are men in the US Army from Ft Bragg(who uses the Cumberland county court). Judgement should be based on evidence and facts, and on a case by case for a fair decision, whether ruling in favor of the man or woman. Not based from an old fashion way of thinking-that men should carry all the burden plus some. The media does not cover this issue but their is an alarming pattern of courts  wiping out civilian/military men bank accounts in divorce settlements. The high suicide rates among men are attributed to being left with nothing after a divorce. I watched a close friend struggle through divorce and in the end he killed himself when his wife manipulated the court with her acting skills. Our watch dog task force will be continuing to watch trials and hold them under the scrutiny, and national publicity of doing their job ethically. Signing this petition will help keep court systems in check and under the radar. There are many good women who deserve a settlement in their favor but their is a growing trend of bad women who see the advantage of getting married for a divorce settlement$$$. They see how the system is and they play the victim  to get alimony or unfair amount of funds when they contribute very little toward finances and playing their part to hold the relationship. Please sign this if you support equality and a fair justice system.