Justice for a Father and His Daughters.

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Over a year ago two little girls were left with their grandparents because the mother was off doing heroin. When the father found out he immediately insisted on taking his daughters home with him. The grandparents refused and filed a petition for custody. 

In this circumstance, they have zero right to do this. The father should have been given custody.

To this day tens of thousands of dollars are wasted on what should be a clear answer.

The grandparents still provide no compelling case and the ones who suffer are the girls.

The father's future step sons and fiancee also have to deal with stress and financial disaster.

It has now been a year and a half and the judge should have made a decision long ago.

Something is not right and something must be done. Oddly enough The mother lives with the girls and grandparents now and exposes them to this daily. The mother has pending felony charges for heroin, the girls have been alienated, neglected and more by the grandparents.

Based on federal and state law the girls should be with the father. 

 The children should grow up in a safe environment, they should not know what heroin syringes are and they should not be exposed to these conditions.  

The children should be in an environment which they can thrive. 

The Father has been  doing everything in terms of what is requested by the court with no results. His plea is ignored. 

We would hate to think this is a result of a corrupt court house so let's remind the judge to uphold what is right.


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