Justice for Hampton Wade, Killed 09/27/2018

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On 09/27/2018 Jame Hampton Wade was killed by a James Ferguson in Simpsonville SC who illegally turned into his path! James Ferguson was charged with "Failure to yield right away." In October, in the Simpsonville, S.C. Municipal Court, Judge Ferguson, allowed a defense motion that James Ferguson be allowed to take a defensive driving course in lieu of all charges being dropped.  The case was continued until December 2018. 

Not only are the original charges weak, because SC Law is weak in cases of death during a traffice incident, but now the travesty of the charges being dropped is unfathomable. This is a decision that is not final but is based on the recommendations of Patrol Officer and the Judge.

His mother, sister, and I have lost our son to someone not paying attention. With no penalties people in SC are being put at a greater risk because there is no price to pay for apathy. 

The Solicitor's office won't recommend a higher charge of Reckless Vehicular Homicide that the Investigators say they tried to attain.  Yet Simpsonville Police are supporting the dismissal of Failure to Yield right away. 

This is unacceptable.  

The solution is to sign this petition and demand that at least the minimal charge will stand, and the Judge, the Simpsonville, S.C. Police Department will do right by what is legal, ethical, and just for James Hampton Wade.

If we lose this, then your family may be next, I pray not, in trying to seek justice for a lost loved one.