Custody of The Yammies!!!

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I am HUMBLY asking for everyones help to reach as many signatures as possible. I’ve completed my case plan I consistently test negative. This started because of domestic violence with their father (both ways) who is no longer present except when visiting with them at a neutral public playground where we are perfectly cordial with each other. Children are a blessing and these are my babies and my blessings. They’re mine, I feel that if I am fit to raise one child then I’m fit to raise them all. It’s not crazy for someone to want to covet other people’s blessings. It’s not crazy for people’s own family to have their own best interest in mind instead of someone they’re just related to. Think about this, I’m an only child I don’t have any attachment to her, without my kids all my mother has who cares about her is her own mother (the actual primary caretaker 76 years old) her siblings, her on-off husband, her side boyfriend, and her co-workers. At least in her mind I guess that’s how she feels when I honestly have no intent of burning bridges on their grandmother/grandchild relationship anyway because my kids love her. Same thing with their father, we’ll probably always have some type of animosity but even still I don’t hold them over his head. My kids are smart and beautiful if they were ugly and blind with Down Syndrome would Lupita still want them? No, but I would. They’re my rightful God given babies. God wants what’s best for them and what’s best for them is to be with me.