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Judge, Return Alex Jones' Ex's Attorney Fees, Stop Alex Jones

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My name is Kelly Jones.

After three and a half years of litigation and fending off a barrage of aggressive, defamatory, perjurious and hostile filings by ex-husband, Alex Jones, I won a Jury verdict to be Primary Parent to our three beautiful children.

In order to stay in the fight, I had to invest every cent I had on legal and Court-related costs, including, disproportionately and inappropriately having had to pay for hundreds of hours of therapy and supervision of my children.

I am currently in debt to my attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Alex won’t stop filing against me.  

He continues to use his highly disproportionate income and settlement (he got tens and tens of millions dollars more than me out of the divorce, the businesses, etc), to file against me to block child custody and to block my Free Speech.

The Judge on my case, Judge Orlinda Naranjo knows I am hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to my attorneys but dragged her ruling out for months.  

She is apparently going to hear (and cause me to have to pay to defend) ridiculous, repeated filings of Alex Jones’ including one filed last week trying to block my custody and Free Speech First Amendment Rights.

She has ruled I should have no child support (which I am asking her to reconsider) and that I shall have no attorney fees returned to me, despite admitting that she didn’t believe at least one filing containing absurd false allegations that my children refuted.  (She took away my overnight custody after that filing for months and months and returned no attorney fees)

Despite my filing an Emergency Motion to ask the Judge immediately effectuate the Jury verdict, a verdict based off the evidence that parental alienation/child abuse had happened, she refused to hear my Motion and delayed three months to give a final rendition.

Each month she delayed cost me tens of thousands of dollars and provided no protection for our children.

Judge Naranjo’s final ruling is not standard for a Jury verdict of Primary Parent, but instead has designated a 50-50 custody situation (my case was based and won off of the issue of Parental Alienation, which is severe child abuse) that I have to work up to.  It has created an environment rife for Alex to continue to file to block my custody, which he has done as recently as July 28, 2017.

Further, Judge Naranjo knew I was destitute going into the Jury trial, as I filed to interim attorney fees.  It is not standard for the victor of a Jury trial not to have some fees returned to them.  

And it is unheard of for a person in my position to receive no child support.  And that is what she has ordered.

She has also ordered me to pay for Alex’s attorney fees and his corrupt experts (who admitted to receiving kickbacks, showed tremendous bias, one even saying they didn’t want me to get my kids back because then they wouldn’t make money).  I have been ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars for people who harmed my children and one who I believe is an actual racketeer.

Alex has endless funds and absurd amounts of money.  He uses his infowars money bomb dollars, donations and supplement sales to fund his punitive campaign of defamation, character assassination, to block my Constitutional right to Free Speech and to block my rights to have parental custody of my children.  Alex has attacked my faith in Court and in depositions.  Yes.  He has tried to punish me based on my religious beliefs.

Please help spread this information far and wide.  Please sign the petition on  Editors, activists, parental alienation victims, please help edit, share, raise awareness etc.

I will be holding an Estate Sale within the next month or two (I don’t know my schedule from the Court yet) and will be auctioning off my jewelry, selling my possessions so I can pay for representation.

I still have a lot more than many, so I won’t ask for donations.  I ask for your help. Please join behind me in bringing to the public forefront what has happened in my case. If anyone has any fundraising ideas or would like to donate graphics for t-shirts, websharing etc. please contact me

I believe holding Alex accountable might lead him to change his ways.  I believe his public deserves to know that they are funding tragedy, cruelty and defamation.

I believe we can petition Judge Naranjo to Give the Fees Back, she change her mind and rule in a way that is fair and just.

If I don’t get my fees back, I will be forced to forgo paid representation and go Pro Se. This is the legacy this Judge will leave.

If I don’t get my fees back and if Alex isn’t held accountable, I will be financially annihilated and at the mercy forever of my multimillionaire ex-husband, Alex Jones, who has filed at least eight filings in the past 30 days.

Please watch my video to understand more.  For a history of my case, please visit and (which I need to update).  I am AlexJones_Ex on Twitter.

This isn’t a personal issue. It is an issue of injustice and the failings of family court.  I have a plan to help raise awareness about the nationwide shortcomings of family court and the national tragedy that is Parental Alienation. I survived this and endure today by faith and because I know that this horror happened to my family for a purpose, that it will mean something.  I will make a difference.

Anyone who can help me get this before big media, please help.  The American people need to know what has happened and can happen in high dollar family Court.  Please ask your local radio to have me on.  Send this to John Oliver.. send this to everyone, all big media, your local leaders. 

Please take a minute to sign. This isn't just about me. My case can bring a lot of light and effect a lot of change.. with your help.

Thank you,
Kelly Jones




We, the undersigned, publicly and openly implore Judge Orlinda Naranjo of the 419th District Court in Travis County, TX to reconsider her ruling and to grant Kelly Jones the attorney fees requested as previously submitted to the Court.

We sign this understanding the above information and asking the Judge openly and publicly that she not leave the bench with a financially annihilated parent as her legacy.

We believe the Judge can see and know what is right and we ask her to please sit back and see that without taking decisive, corrective actions against Alex Jones, he will not cease to maintain the conflict and keep the Jones children in a state of ongoing litigation, which is in no way in the children's best interests.

Judge Naranjo, please return Kelly Jones' fees and children immediately.


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