Revoke bond and start the trial for justices

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I’m making this petition to prevent, Jerry Wayne Greer, a murder from being able to post bond and be out in society!! On September 01, 2018 me and my family received a call no family ever wants to get, my sister, Edna McWhorter (Cocoa) was shot and killed at a night club where a dance was being held.. My sister trusted him, he became friends with her, our family and he had even met her kids while trail riding, and he still so heartlessly could stand there and shot and kill her in front of a crowd of people.. After he shot her, he had gotten in a vehicle with a women and they left the scene.. When he was captured he was found in Lexington, Kentucky on February 11,2019.. It took 5 months and 10 days for him to be found, arrested and charged with her murder and now he’s given a bond!! This man CLEARLY will kill someone and not care where he is or if anyone is there, then he will run and hide out for months??!! If he is released on bond, what happens if he does it again, will he turn himself in when he’s on the news as a wanted man, for taking someone else’s family member, mother and daughter?? NO!! He will run until he’s found and another family will be waiting on justice to be served 2 years and counting, like we are.. I wouldn’t want my sisters 3 kids to bump into him somewhere and have to look at the man who took their mothers life!! Please help our family, my nieces and nephew know that we and others are safe without him walking around enjoying his life after he took hers!! Any and every signature will help this murder stay behind bars and I pray it will make his bond be revoked!! My sister loved trail riding, being a mother and helping anyone she could!! These 2 plus years has been so hard on my family, her kids and anyone that knew her!! We had just buried my father who lost his battle with cancer, a little over a year before Jerry Wayne Greer shot and killed my sister, our family had and is still dealing with the loss of our father, now we are fighting to not allow a murder to walk the streets!! It’s been 2 years too long for our family to not have justice served!! Our family needs your help with reaching our goal, please sign and share this petition!!