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The Honorable Judge Heather Rodriguez Orders Hoeft to return my child!!

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In a million years I never thought this could happen. Ive completely been misinformed,misguided, remarkably deceived and extremely blind to our moneymaking judicial system, to our failing society to view that family and God come first,not money and greed.We as Americans have civil rights and everyday my daughters and I are ignored. My daughter Avani and I have never been apart, until now. Almost a year ago while visiting my family in Arkansas, I had gotten pulled over for "swerving out of the line once"and taken to jail for two days over a warrant for charges (not violence nor child endangerment related)I had gotten while attending college at UNM.I was supposedly innocent for,until proven guilty.Regardless of a mistake I made in trusting our legal system to be fair and just, in which i have paid dearly for. My daughter and I should not suffer, and have our civil rights ignored.

When I had gotten out, my child was not with my father and grandmother. I filled a police report, the house had been ransacked. My money stolen, all of my child's things gone. I called everyone I knew to call, looking for my child. I went to the courts and (if I did not have a police officer as a friend)would had not known to even go to the courts. Found out an ex boyfriends mother had lied and said I abandoned my child, she had NO relatives in Arkansas to care for her, and that her son was her legal father. She obtained temporary guardianship. I have never been served, the judge would not allow me to even petition for her back. My lawyer said it looked bad I had charges pending and I should "take care of my legal stuff" which had nothing to do with my child. He also stated in an email that the judge had no intention of giving my child back and I was being railroaded. So when I went back home to Florida, feeling so defeated that my daughter is with random people that are doing god knows what to her. Judge Micheal Murphy is the one who oversaw her father and I parenting plan, he issued that she be returned at once. That no further court hearings shall be heard until her son proved perternity. My sweet angel came home for a short time and the woman and her son harassed and threatened me, that I'd be arrested for kidnapping my own child! They had dcf calling me and harassing us. A detective came to my grandmothers home threatening her and telling her she would be an accessory to kidnapping. My grandmother is ill with brain tumors and all of this is just killing her.Every member of my family is devastated.
I was so scared, I called my lawyer and he told me to listen to them, to give my daughter to them.So i met with the dcf case worker and detective at the jail of all places he could of had us go. I asked them for the order or any document proving I had to give her to them, the detective proceded to say "If you make a scene you will be arrested". Then they took her. I can not express how empty and scared I feel, and God knows how Ava feels not being able to speak to the one person who has never parted from her a day in her six years of life. I need The Honerable Judge Micheal Murphy to draft his previous order and have my child returned immediately. Arkansas courts are claiming they have jurisdiction over my child when not one person lives there. Its completly insane. The woman lives in texas and wont even allow my child to speak to me or know where she lives. She is getting away with kidnapping. Along with a laundry list of breaking several laws and violating our civil rights.She nor her son have any legal standing with my child, nor ever has until now. This is traumatizing my daughter and will effect her psychologically for the rest of her life. I worry everyday for her safety and wellbeing.

Bring my precious child home. Please every signiture counts

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