No More Jail Time for Nuclear Resister Mark Colville

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In view of the treaty that bans nuclear weapons possession we call on Judge Lisa Godbey Wood to sentence Mark Colville to "time served" for his act of conscience

On April 4, 2018 Mark Colville and 6 others entered the King Bay nuclear sub base in Georgia and purposely damaged a plaque on a wall and a model of a Trident nuclear-armed submarine. They felt they had to do something to alert the world about the paths being taken towards nuclear war. Indeed the U.S. has undertaken a $10 trillion modernization program of those weapons and has renounced arms control treaties. On January 22, 2021 a treaty goes into effect banning possession of nuclear weapons. 50 nations have signed it though the U.S. government has not done so. In view of the rising chance of nuclear war and the wave of worldwide revulsion against nuclear weapons we call for Colville's sentence to be the 15 months of imprisonment that already has been "time served".

The nuclear sword hangs over us all and we're 2 minutes from midnight.