Stop the removal of Charlene's children from MN and return them to their mother

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Charlene Nelson's 3 children have been in the custody of their father since the Itasca County Court chose to discredit their loving mother's testimony and witnesses,  believing only the testimony of their father, in 2013. The older children were found to be fit to voice their opinion,  but have not been allowed to do so. They don't want to be moved out of state with the father's long distance girlfriend and want to be in the care of their mother.

Multiple false and misleading statements have affected the family court decision,  but could be easily discredited by simply talking to the children. The children need to be afforded this right.

The decision to allow the children to be moved away from their family,  mother,  brother,  grandparents,  friends,  and only life they've known and moved to a city with no family or support system outside of their father's long distance girlfriend is not in their best interest.  

Charlene Nelson is a loving and safe mother. There's no reason for the court not to afford her children the opportunity to voice their wishes.

By signing this petition,  you are asking that Judge Wahwassuck halt the removal of Charlene's three children from the state of MN and grant the children the opportunity to voice their opinions and wishes.  

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