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Take a person off of the registered sex offenders list.

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In January of 2011, my friend, AJ, logged on to a guy's (who's name is John) email because he questioned his sexual orientation. AJ admits that this was the wrong thing to do, and he should have respected John's privacy. However, much to AJ's surprise, he discovered that John had been taking naked pictures of football players, while they were changing in the locker room. These students had no idea these pictures were being taken. John was able to do this because he was the football team manager. AJ, along with his friend Robin, believed that these students had the right to know about their pictures on John's email, so they gathered the email addresses from 8 students. AJ and Robin then sent the pictures to the students to inform them that their pictures were being taken while they were naked in the locker room. Once one of the students told their parents, they called the cups and a criminal investigation began. The cops were able to trace the IP address off the computer that three pictures were sent from, and they found that AJ and Robin sent the pictures. The students ranged in ages 14-18. Although Robin helped AJ send the pictures, AJ is the only one of the two that was charged with distribution of child pornography. John was charged with sexual charges as well. However, even though AJ did the right thing by letting the students know, he is now required to register as a lifetime sex offender. This means he won't be able to live near a church or school, and it will cause him to have difficulty in finding a job. If you're a parent, wouldn't you want to know of someone was taking naked pictures of your children? In fact, many of the students came forward and thanked AJ for letting them know about the pictures. Please sign the petition, and you could ultimately save someone's life from being ruined. Make judge Kim Tesla remove AJ from the lifetime registered sex offenders list.

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