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Special prosecutor appointed to investigate

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We want a special prosecutor appointed to investigate the official misconduct in the wrongful arrest and malicious prosecution of Keith Brown El.  Keith is the real victim in this case and the people who attacked and assaulted him were never arrested but  allowed to go free. 

PETITION IN SUPPORT OF SPECIAL PROSECUTOR APPOINTMENT    RE: STATE OF MISSOURI                                                                                 v.                                                                                                                    KEITH BROWN EL                                                                                         Case No. 1516-CR00486-01


The following citizens of Missouri believe that the actions in the above entitled case by the Kansas City Police Department and the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office are very irresponsible and constitute a very serious abuse of authority that has become a typical and consistent pattern of behavior of all so called law enforcement officials everywhere.  The laws that we are continuously being told are for our protection are being used to victimize us.  If the state can get away with doing what it has done to Keith Brown El  it can get away with doing the same to anyone and none of us will be safe.  If the so called criminal justice  system has any integrity left in it at all, we the undersigned,  respectfully request and demand that a special prosecutor be appointed in this case, that a very thorough investigation be conducted and that a prosecution be pursued accordingly.


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