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Expose Nassau County Fake Crimes: District Court Must Issue Subpoenas in Case # 15-CV-2712

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US District Court, Central Islip NY

 According to Federal Court records, Kathleen Rice, as Nassau County District Attorney, has been linked to at least two fake crimes she prosecuted against Malek Harrison for crimes alleged to have occurred at Marshalls Department Store in Elmont, NY on January 12, 2011 & at Target Department Store in Westbury NY on May 24, 2012. Neither alleged crime were reported via a 911 call to authorities, which drew red flags from Defendant Malek Harrison's family members, who admonished his legal representatives to investigate, but none of his attorneys (Elliot Schlissel, Legal Aid Society of Nassau County, South Floral Park Mayor Geoffrey Prime or John Healy) seemed to be bothered by it or interested in pursuing the family's wishes. Both alleged crimes were said to have involved Malek's illegal use of counterfeit $900 & $700 in 100-dollar bills of US currency, respectively.

Consequently, TJX, parent company of Marshalls, Target Corporation, as well as US Secret Service all face subpoenas to answer Plaintiff's Written Deposition Questions regarding these entities' knowledge, if any, regarding these alleged crimes. US Secret Service, who deals with cases involving counterfeit US currency, as well as the protection of the US President, has made no official statements regarding its involvement in either matter.  Agent Germaine Johnson, allegedly of the US Secret Service took the witness stand to testify as to the Agency's involvement in the investigation of these alleged crimes involving counterfeit money perpetrated against a victim, Target Department Store, Westbury, NY, after Target personnel contacted the agency, directly, while bypassing 911 and the local police altogether.  Strange however this may seem, Plaintiff has demanded to hear directly from the entities involved without the filters that are Nassau County officials he has had to endure since the beginning of his ordeal on February 15, 2011.

A copy of Kathleen Rice's actual witness list includes Dustin Williams, an alleged Target employee, who she put on the witness stand in an attempt to make a direct identification of Malek Harrison as the person he made direct contact with in these unlawful transaction with the purchase of the, stereotypical, I-Beats Headphones, among other electronic items. The existing problems for Congresswoman Rice are many:

Detective Ronald Rispoli, also on this witness list, who was the arresting officer and who is alleged to have investigated both the Marshalls & Target cases, has repeatedly stated in his Deposition, "I do not know, have never met, nor ever heard of Dustin Williams, nor of Justin A. Booker (the name of the actual person believed to have taken the witness stand claiming to be Dustin Williams)," An independent investigation revealing that Dustin Williams has never been employed by Target Corporation has also been supplied to Judge Kathleen Tomlinson. So, was Germaine Johnson an actual US Secret Service Agent and if so was she engaged in an official US Secret Service investigation involving a criminal episode, which occurred at Target Westbury on May 24, 2012?  If not, it would mean that she was there testifying in a criminal trial against an innocent man, Malek Harrison, as a favor to a Nassau County official, likely, now Congresswoman, Kathleen Rice. Ntozake Morgan, another alleged Target Westbury employee to testify at Mr. Harrison's trial was the allegedly the security personnel, who 1st got the call from cashier Marlene Morris regarding transactions that she made with the alleged perpetrator, who weeks later was deemed to be Malek Harrison.  Ms. Morgan  has also provided a written statement that she personally witnessed the perpetrator leave and enter the store to purchase items repeatedly, securing the counterfeit bills and to contacting US Secret Service, therefore any civil trial would be incomplete without her presence.

As inconceivable as this may seem, I would also like to point out that this 10/10/13 "supporting affidavit", devised some 17 months after the alleged crime and which details Ntozake Morgan's account of the crimes, were written on her behalf by Assistant District Attorney Carolyn Abdenour, who has declined to provide her current whereabouts, according to Nassau Deputy County Attorney Ralph Reissman, due to her current "concern for her safety." Judge Tomlinson has offered to safeguard her whereabouts from the Plaintiff and would send her the subpoena and Plaintiff's Written Deposition Questions that she may answer from the safety of her unknown location. Note that this affidavit conflicts with the claim that Dustin Williams was the cashier who testified at trial and the fact that Det. Rispoli also claimed he saw a male cashier handle these transactions from the CCTV surveillance footage.


Mayor/Defense Attorney Geoffrey Prime
Geoffrey Prime, Mayor of South Floral Park, came from virtually nowhere to push aside the Nassau County Legal Aid on or about February 4, 2013 to assume the role of Malek Harrison's defense attorney, but his "assignment" thereto, remains inexplicable considering the safeguards that should be in place to prevent Kathleen Rice, as Nassau County District Attorney from hand-picking the representative of the person she is currently prosecuting. Now, let's take a look at Mayor Prime's resume: A former ADA under, "surprise", Kathleen Rice and still a current member of "Former Nassau County Assistant District Attorneys!" Does anyone believe that such a combination would offer his client an attorney who would go even an inch to uncover the conspiracy or misconduct that led to his arrest? Forget about his even attempting to going the 'extra mile,' Mayor Prime did not even contact Marshalls or Target to make an independent determination of whether either store were victims of any crime at all, which is telling! Who called him? What was he asked to do for his client? Hell, who was his client? Anyway, a subpoena is also in Judge Tomlinson's hands along with such Written Deposition Questions directed at Mr. Prime to clear these matters up!


Okay, but before Mayor Prime there was the prominent Elliot S. Schlissel, who charged the client's mom $10,000 to battle the formidable Nassau County DA, Kathleen Rice, initially in the Marshalls Department Store case charged against his client and subsequently, the Target Department Store case which emerged some 17 months after the former. Attorney Schlissel thought nothing peculiar enough about the bringing of additional charges against his client despite the fact that the first case was still ongoing. Mr Schlissel began to exert pressure on his client by demanding even more money. It seems that he and his firm would be the beneficiary of a financial increase due to the very fact that his client had allegedly committed an identical crime at Target that he had committed at Marshalls over a year and a half before. Schlissel made numerous attempts to obtain the balances of his fees, which he claimed was needed earnestly because his new son-in-law to be, also a member of the firm, was marrying his daughter and needed the money to help finance their wedding and honeymoon.  Malek's mother recalls Elliot Schlissel telling her after she demanded a subpoena of Nils Renner, the complainant who introduced Malek's name into the Marshalls' case, that "Kathleen Rice will not just dismiss this case on evidence, but we will have to go to trial to prove your son's innocence" and therefore he'd need that $10,000 in its entirety.  Well, it appears that Mr. Schlissel, despite his pressure on the family of the accused for $10,000 more dollars than he had already taken as a retainer, had neglected to make any inquiries directly with the alleged victims: Marshalls or Target. Does that means he already knew there were no crimes committed on behalf of his client? Well, I guess when he is allowed to be served with the subpoena and allowed to answer Plaintiff's Written Deposition questions, we'll finally have that information too!

The 3rd and final lawyer to represent Malek Harrison was none other than John Healy, another former Assistant District Attorney of The Office of The Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice. Sure both cases ended in dismissals but before you go patting Mr. Healy on the back for a job well done, you should realize that Healy despite any mandate he may've had from those who appointed him following Geoffrey Prime's forced removal, is that Healy was given no other choice than to appease the persistence of Malek Harrison's uncle, your's truly, who demanded that Nils Renner of the Marshalls case and the alleged "male cashier" presented in the the CCTV Surveillance footage of the Target case, both be subpoenaed to to testify in the respective trials.  The pressure on Mr. Healy was so great that he prepared the subpoena for Nils Renner, National Task Force Investigator for the Marmaxx, of TJX and parent company of Marshalls Department Store. He probably wanted no parts of these cases, but was compelled to participate and even take this case out of turn, because of the demands placed on him by Kathleen Rice, his former boss. Anyway, we feel that the Nils Renner subpoena, although prepared, and we have a copy of that as well and provide that in an updated blog, was never meant to be submitted to the court, but to show his 'handlers' that he had no other option, to which the Marshalls case was promptly dismissed soon afterwards! That's my take, but John Healy, also subpoenaed will have every opportunity to tell his side of the story regarding the process that led him to Malek's representation and why he chose not to independently investigate the crimes by making contact with the victims: Marshalls & Target. Did anyone take note of the of the 666 affixed atop of Foley Griffin, LLP's Office building?  I was thinking The Devil's Advocate with DeNiro as I entered therein with great trepidation. This was 2013 and I still recall that visit and wondering would we even make it out of their alive. I kid you not!

I tell this story because I don't know if I will see it to the end and want to ensure that the entire story is told from the point of view of someone who was there right along with my nephew every step of the way and because I didn't want to see him have to endure the type of experiences that I did. I wanted justice for him, too! I had no idea during these criminal trials that the crimes were completely manufactured and it took the filing of not 1, but 2 multi-million lawsuits against Nassau County &  the Discovery evidence to convince me that neither crime happened and that all the participants on the side of the County were in it to cover up on behalf of Kathleen Rice and her co-conspirators: from the police officers like Detective Ronald Ripsoli along with 2 other Nassau County Police Officers named as assisting in the arrest of Malek Harrison, ADA Carolyn Abdenour, who may've been the architect of the the Target case, with approval of her boss Kathleen Rice & ADA Jhounelle Cunningham who was prosecutor in both cases. All toll, there were at least 16 ADAs who handle this case since the fabrication of the Marshalls Department Store farce of January 12, 2011 to the final dismissal of the May 24, 2012 Target Department Store fake crime/incident in June 2014.  There is no other way to explain it than to point out that this was a multi-layered conspiracy of the highest levels of the criminal justice system. Oh, I should also point out that at least a half dozen judges heard and gave rulings in these two fake crime cases against an innocent black man and for what? They all knew he did nothing but this was just business as usual for these folks, Black & White alike, so from where comes our refuge? On a final note, as a last ditched effort to insulate Kathleen Rice and all the conspirators from civil liability the final judges sent out the jury and suggested from the bench that the DA's Office extend Malek Harrison an offer of an unprecedented "24-hour ACD!" When Malek looked at me for his reply, I mouthed the words "NO SIR!" The Target case was dismissed on June 12, 2014, but the fact remains that Kathleen Rice to a case to trial even though she knew the crime never happened! This is why tax-payers pay such a high cost.

So, now why hasn't Magistrate Judge Tomlinson issued the subpoenas which has been in the court's possession since April 12, 2017? That remains to go unanswered.

If Kathleen Rice was responsible for fake crimes prosecution and orchestrating the conspiracy involving several other officials to cover up these crimes, then it is more than likely that this demonstrates a pattern of corruption that goes unchecked in Nassau County. Appointing or hiring a former Assistant DA in Mayor Geoffrey Prime as Malek Harrison's defense attorney is utterly inconceivable and unprecedented in American Jurisprudence. After the defendant forced Mr. Prime from further representation due to his uncooperativeness in seeking to subpoena the complainant in the 2011 Marshalls fake crime, Nils Renner, she assigned another former Assistant DA, John Healy, to seek the defendant's guilty plea. The importance of exposing these crimes are immeasurable as to the impact this will have on the African American communities as it is believed that this practice is not unique to Nassau County, NY and may very well extend to other municipalities throughout this country. There maybe countless millions of victims especially African Americans, Latinos and lower-class Whites, who cannot afford to hire private attorneys to properly investigate whether or not crimes actually occurred in their cases. By joining this petition you can help to change this country positively and bring forth transparency in the criminal justice system. Let us usher in a new age in America.

Patrick Harrison

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