Return the Weber Kids

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Our Children were wrongfully taken away by Kristine Smith, Preble County Cps Social Worker. She lied and said we had no running water, that she met with us on several occasions, that she offered us resources and they didn't work. We have proof of all her lies we have statements from people that know we have always taken care of my children. I have 2 babies that I just gave birth to on August the 7th they were taken out of NICU and given to foster moms. We found out that they are trying to have my children call their foster parents dad and people mamaw. Our kids were wrongfully taken. No abuse or neglect charges. they say "dependency" that whatever the problem was it was beyond our control. I have went from loving my children and having them 24/7 to seeing my children once a week for just 2 hours! 

We also have a GoFundMe going to help us while we go through this fight. Shares are just as appreciated as donations.


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