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Bring Talon home to Kalamazoo County with his mother.

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Hello, I am a mother of 5 children. I will explain my story and why I'm requesting your help.

A year ago, after my mother died- my children and I became homeless.

We moved from shelter to shelter, hotel to hotel. Causing us to become on Cps aka Child Protective Services radar.

I have completed every program- as a single mother, without any help from their fathers- not even child support. That they have requested of me. September 22nd 2016 my children were removed as I was told by Cps that I was complying but "needed to work on myself" So I have kept following their instructions, programs, therapy etc.

I have been removed from their central registry of Neglect. I have, after 5 month's begun unsupervised visitations back in our home. They've told me in a couple weeks it will move to overnights in the home (the final step to getting my kids back) 2 days ago one of the foster parents decided they only wanted 1 of my children in their home (This is all for Kalamazoo County- 1 is in Three Rivers, 1 in Mattawan, 1 in Holland and 2 were in Kalamazoo County up until 2 days ago) my disabled son who does not handle change well AT ALL was placed in a temporary foster home in Portage. This morning he was then moved to Cassopolis- over an hour away, near the border of Indiana. I received a phone call stating he would not be returning to his school (He attends special needs preschool) and that his therapists and doctor's that help with his care will be closer to his location.

Mind you this all started because I was moving too much and that was not acceptable- and they have now moved my son Talon between 3 foster homes within the last 3 days!

I need your help. If you think this is wrong for an agency to do this- when he could be returned to me and stay in his school and keep his doctor's and therapist's- please sign this petition for me to bring before the judge.

He was born premature and has had numerous health issues since birth. I've attended to my son's care and ensured he had care. 

I do not believe it's in the best interest to move him out of Kalamazoo county.

I do not believe it's in his best interest to be pulled from his school.

I do not believe it is right or justified for him to move between 3 different homes in the last couple of days.

Thank you for your time in all of this. I need the agency and Judge to see they are in the wrong for moving an innocent child allover the state of Michigan and aware of the trauma they are putting on him. They've already spoke to me about reunification- at the latest, in June of this year. There is no logical reason why he can't come home to his mother (me) and have a stable home (we've been here for 7 months and here for another 2 years per our lease) and remain in the same school with his sister.


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