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   February 12, 2018


                Dawud Bey  

                                                                                             USM Number: 58256-066

                Case/Criminal Number:                            09-498-1

                                                                                                             Case Number:



Attention:  The Honorable Gerald Pappert 


My Name Is Dawud Bey, I am presenting this letter in an effort to petition the court for discontinuation of the supervised release probation program assigned to me.  

My case background is as follows; I was indicted two times by The United States Eastern District Court. The first indictment was in May of 2004 for the offense of Conspiracy to manufacture and distribute cocaine. I pled guilty to this offense in February 2006, as a result, I was sentenced by Judge Mary Mclaughlin to seventy eight months with an upward departure of forty two months (for obstruction of Justice) for a total of one hundred and twenty months in federal prison along with five years supervised release.


In 2010, while still incarcerated, I received my second indictment by The United States Eastern District Court which consisted of conspiracy to tamper with witnesses (for the same conductor of the instant offense). I also pled guilty to this offense, and was sentenced by Judge Norma Shapiro to a term of thirty-six months with the instructions to run eighteen months concurrently with the with previous sentence, and eighteen months consecutively to the previous sentence. In total I served ten years and six months in prison. I spent three and a half years of my prison sentence in solitary confinement which allowed me to think of my past decisions, my present circumstance, and my plans for the future.


On February 6, 2015, I was released from federal custody with five years of supervised release to complete. I completed the mandated six month psychiatric program and of my free will, decided to go back and complete an additional six months of treatment. The program was very helpful in allowing me to become confident in my rehabilitation process and confident that I would be become a positive contribution to society following ten years and six months incarceration.


The psychiatric program was not the only benefit of my post release. Supervised release was equally as beneficial. Being under supervised release through the supervision of Mr. Kenneth Bergman has been extremely motivational for me. It has inspired me to aspire to become a better person, a dedicated leader of my family,  a profound businessman, and a more productive member of society. Since being released, I have complied with all of the requirements of my supervision to the best of my ability. I have also accomplished many of my goals which are detailed below. 


I was able to establish BeyWatch Property Management LLC, a company that manages rental properties and construction projects in Philadelphia. Upon learning that I was self-employed, Judge Norma Shapiro revised my supervised release by requiring me to obtain a “9-5” job, and also that I seek permission from the court versus my probation officer before leaving the judicial district. Since that time, I have secured gainful employment with Classy Properties, LLC. In my position, I am responsible for locating properties available for purchase. This requires me to leave the judicial district to locate and survey properties. However I am restricted because of my probation requirements. 


Not only have I been working for Classy Properties LLC., I have become active again in Point Breeze Youth Development, which I founded in 1994. PBYD is an nonprofit community organization dedicated to educating children in social areas of anti- violence and conflict resolution. PBYD also has a retorative justice program which brings the victim, the perpetrator, and the community together for real resolution. Many people appreciate my involvement because of my direct relation with what they are going through. My experiences of making bad decisions in the past, now gives me the ability to warn others from making the same mistakes.


For 25 years I have been committed to developing and contributing to programs and businesses that will promote social and economical growth and change in our urban communities. I understand these changes are necessary for the underprivileged to gain a better quality of life. Therefore, I have founded Global Development for Economic Change, an non profit organization dedicated to building affordable housing, educating families and building communities in hopes to further that commitment. 


In addition to being employed, and involved the aforementioned organizations, I have also launched Fine Print, LLC; a consulting agency for musical artists and global brands, as well as Do4Self Entertainment Group, LLC; a music label and artist management company. Fine Print, LLC and Do4Self Entertainment, both deal directly with artists, athletes and other forms of entertainment. As the businesses have begun to grow and the caliber of clients have catapulted, the demand for travel and being readily available for the clients has increased. For example, Fine Print has a client, a music artist named PNB Rock. Fine Print develops and sells merchandise for this artist on a daily basis, as well as while he is on tour. Conducting this business requires constant supervision and management, however supervised release has begun to present difficulties with this business endeavor. 


Through Fine Print I have also been on the forefront in assisting recording artist Meek Mill, PNB Rock and LIL Uzi Vert with marketing and community activism. Fine Print organized the annual Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway for Meek Mill, and LIL Uzi Vert, which benefitted over one thousand families in the Philadelphia area. Fine Print also organized school tours for each of these recording artists where they spoke to the youth about the importance of education, decision making, conflict resolution, and bullying. 


Most recently, Fine Print and Do4Self started the petition and began the #freemeekmill petitioning Lieutenant Governor  Mike Stacks and Governor Tom Wolf to over turn the sentencing of Robert Rahmeek Williams a.k.a. Meek Mill. The petition received over 450,000 signatures, gaining nation attention. Fine Print together with Cut50, Color Of Change, Roc Nation, Al Sharpton and other Justice Reform Programs rallied, marched and held forums in order to bring to light the unfair sentencing of Meek Mill, and the pitfalls of probation.

Early release from my probation would allow me the opportunity to get more involved with Prison Reform, The Second Chance Act, and other initiatives that I will have to have a direct relationship with “Convicted Felons”. 


Since my release I have rejoined society as a positive and productive member. I have not had any negative law enforcement contact, I have been a dedicated positive influence on the community, receiving citations from both the City Of Philadelphia, and the State of Pennsylvania. I have been employed, and complied with all requirements of my supervised release through my probation officer, Ken Bergman who has not voiced any objections to my request. Therefore, I respectfully ask that my previously ordered term of supervised release be discharged. This will positively affect my employment, businesses, and many communities.


Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter,

Dawud Bey


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