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Help bring Addy home !

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This page was created to share with others our journey to get addy back. As most of you know Addysen's mother Monica Frazier has kept addysen from Chris off and on since the day she was born. Monica & Chris were married and had a child and divorced all in the same year. When there marriage ended she was 7 months pregnant with Addy when the divorce was filled. From that point he was screwed basically by our court system. His lawyer Steve Manko who i think didnt fight for his rights at all. Monica filled for divorce before addy was born there for changing the type of divorce, which his lawyer should have cought mind you. Anyway by this point addysen has been born and was around 9 months old by the time the divorce was final. The judge advised her she was to start allowing Chris to see her asap as it was vital to her upbringing and she could face further jail time. Mind you Chris attempted to see his daughter after finding out she was born numerous times reached out to her family (which he has proof of ) she also changed her phone number and moved and nothing from her or her family until a judge told her shed go to jail. Being at this point Monica had kept Addysen for 9 months from him ,they had no relationship n had to meet and gain what should have been a birth bond..because we. were All there SHE restricted him & our family from seeing her or the baby. So 9 months of missing her first smile..first laugh..first bath..first almost everything were gone. Something Addy nor Chris can Ever get back. No apology is going to replace that. So Because of this Alienation from birth the judge awarded him 2 hr visits twice a week with progressed parenting time following the Genesee County Hand book. Which is every other weekend rotating Holidays. 2 weeks in the summer and 1 week during winter and spring break. Both parents agreed after her First Birthday to these terms. Chris has had Addysen for 20 months every other weekend. Our last visit was Lapeer Days weekend . At the Drop on August 20 th. Monica Frazier told Chris that her and her boyfriend would be going on vacation and it would be her parents dropping off and picking up Addy. Chris ,Myself ,&  jessica Harris also heard this along with my 7 year old daughter that is her step sister. Now here's where things shift. For months Addy as be coming home here with bruises on her. No not normal bruises, finger prints on her arms legs & shoulders. Sometimes with a black eye. When monica s questioned she replied ..she fell down or the dog hurt her or she ran into the table. Im sorry but this cant be happing all the time. A report was made by her father in concern for her welfare. This was prior to her last visit with us. Now Sept 1 and its his weekend he receives a text from Addys mother that she had to extend her trip and could not make it back for the drop and would give him some make up time, didnt ake since monicas parents were to meet us. Which never happens. Chris knew she was going to Canada on a hunting trip with her boyfriend. And with her prior history of leaving with the child.& possible abuse issues ...possibly the country this time, he was informed to call the police and do welfare check so a officer could Physically see Addysen was ok. The officer responded and said she was asleep in bed & that mr.& mrs. Frazier (Monica's parents) were there & the child seemed ok and he needed to contact FOC &cps and a Attorney asap. From this point Monica has not allowed Addy  ANY contact with Chris. Blocked his phone number ,(which we have proof of) from fb and any other means besides by mail. On October 9th we at Huckleberry junction for our niece brooklyn's Addys cousin's birthday. Upon being there 15 mins Addy ran up to him yelling daddy daddy which monica came storming behind saying dont fucking talk to me and pushed our 7 yr old daughter outta the way and rushed over to her party shoving addy up her shirt. All the kids were crying as it'd been over a month at that point since we'd saw her. Messed up our nieces birthday as she could have been a adult let the child hug them and go about her day but nope it was ww3 . Chris went outside and called the police made a report & countless complaints to FOC This lead to were we are today & yes he pays child support,he is behind but he pays it every week. Her mother also moved 130 miles away to with said boyfriend and quit her job . which he asking the courts to look into .monica is now asking for more $ yet basically parentally kidnapped addysen and we now have the proof.monica cant support Her or addysen Monica's parents support her, pay her bills , pay for her home and car ,and were now concerned this is Departmental Mentally & Emotionally to Addy and her whole family here. We miss her so much please join in our FIGHT FOR ADDY..and WILL TILL SHE COMES HOME
Were not gunna stop until shes brought home. PARENTAL ALIENATION IS wrong .
His first court date a Show cause hearing , motion change custody & parenting time. January 22nd 2018

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