Petitioning Judge F. Giordano, Probate Court, 36 Federal Ct, Salem, MA 01970 and 2 others

Stop the abuse of children and mothers in family court!


End the following court practices that allow procedures that implicate due process rights and constitute Constitutional violations:

Ex Parte Hearings (one-sided hearings without notice to opposing side)
Court hearings without adequate notice to the party
Denial of a right to a hearing or to present (significant) evidence
Admission of a GAL report without opportunity to cross-examine the GAL
Admission of a Custody Evaluation without opportunity to cross-examine the evaluator or review the written report
Denial of transcript for appeal because you cannot afford to pay for it
Denial of access to the court for nonpayment of fees/costs when you can’t afford to pay them
Possibly, advocacy on behalf of child which contradicts the child’s express wishes

Functional deprivation of parental rights without a finding of unfitness (e.g. complete cutoff of visitation can be characterized as termination of parental rights, even though that label was invented to apply only to state neglect proceedings where they seek to end parental status.) See In re D.B., No. 03-FS-196 (D.C. May 1, 2008).


This petition was delivered to:
  • Judge F. Giordano, Probate Court, 36 Federal Ct, Salem, MA 01970
  • Chief Justice Essex County Family & Probate
  • Judicial Oversight Committee

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