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Judge Executive Jody Jenkins and ALL elected officials: Stop BSL. Enforce a non-breed specific "vicious" legislature.

All animals are entitled to basic legal rights in our society. Breed Specific Legislation is not just discrimination against dogs; it's a discrimination against people as well. Responsible homeowners and dogs will suffer as their homeowners insurance will rise. Many families will have to surrender their beloved family members because of this. Displaced homeowners will find it even more difficult to find housing. Innocent dogs will be euthanized or "shot" and it still will not fix the problem. Innocent people's pets will suffer. All companion animals should be judged on their behavior not their appearance. Studies have proven that BSL is costly and ineffective. The only way to protect this community is to enforce a non-breed specific legislature which targets irresponsible dog owners and dogs, of any breed, who have a proven history of aggression. Dog breeds should be managed under "ONE" complete dog law.

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