Liberation Of Anton Patterson

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Who is A.P?

He is Anton Patterson:
A youth mentor, Black Muslim minister, certified Paralegalist, Blackstone career Institute graduate, co owner of Eastern Cleaning Co, part owner of luxe lashes & co founder of the socioeconomic awareness organization "FREE OUR MIND". He has achieved the aforementioned through the " freeing of his mind", letting no barrier surmount his intellect. Although he has achieved mental freedom, his body has been captured, shackled, enslaved and isolated. Anton Patterson has served a decade in prison since the age of 17. He was wrongly convicted of a crime stemming from 2008 and illegally sentenced to life. He has been completely divorced from his people by the Pittsburgh court system. This system implements illegal sentences upon young black men and women in urban communities. Following brother Anton being captured as a minor in 2008, he became subject to that very system. What happened to him is not restricted to just him. His plight is the plight of every black man and woman in America. His beginning is synonymous with the rest of our people; born a mental slave, never taught how to think, only what to think. Black men born in the U.S. are conditioned to accept the inevitability of prison or an early grave. For most of us it simply looms as the next phase in a sequence of humiliation, exploitation, degradation and division. Since our people have been in America we have been denied freedom, justice and equality. We are treated without due process of the law regularly! Brother Anton reflects that fact. He has been illegally sentenced by judge Edward J. Borkowski under unconstitutional archaic sentencing guidelines (2502) that have been circumvented by a cruel and unusual statue (1102) which was never made retroactive because the part about "Convicted after June 24, 2012" expressed the legislative intent. Making it equally illegal applying it to others sentenced before June 24,2012. Let it be recognized that we are a society who suffered both specious justice & ostensible injustice.
The controversy made from the egregious acts in the Black community has created a division. The courts have deepened that division by stymieing the dialogue & creating a vacuum. An emptiness that is filled with the pain and anger of hurt people, which in turn perpetuates the sedition within the black community. The solution is not extensive prison sentences for young black men & women but; unity, harmony, dialogue & self-sufficiency amongst ourselves. Therefore, after saying the aforementioned, WE, the black community stand united in our cause towards the expeditious liberation of juvenile lifer Anton Patterson. He has a responsibility to his community that has yet to have been met because of his incarceration. We implore the Honorable Judge Edward J. Borkowski to replete Anton Patterson with his freedom & reunite him with his people expeditiously.

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