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Overturn Conviction for Andres Diaz-Guerrero

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Your Honor, Judge David A. Hoffer 

Hello, my name is Sylvia Richard. I have created this petition in regards to my little brother, Andres Diaz-Guerrero. I am aware of his verdict, and I started this petition with certainty that I will receive enough signatures to convince you that Andres Diaz-Guerrero deserves that his guilty charges be overturned. In the event that the charges stand, his family, and close friends hope that you will have mercy on him, and take into consideration his time already served, and give him the lowest possible sentencing. 

On April 13, 2012 a shooting at the corner of East St. and Santa Ana St. in Anaheim, CA resulted in Andres Diaz-Guerrero being arrested, charged, and convicted of five felony counts. Although Andres Diaz-Guerrero was convicted on all charges, he did not partake in the scenario. Yes, he was present, but he was also drunk, not in the correct state of mind, and has already served five and half years regardless of his innocence. Since day one his family has been comforting him through all this confusion, and he has been cooperative with law enforcement. Hoping to get through this, we all remain hopeful, and positive, standing as a unit for his justice.
Andres, or Andy, as his family and friends call him, has a kind, gentle soul. Growing up, he and I were close, and always laughing. In fact, to this day, he recalls stories, and we continue to laugh about funny things that happened to us as kids. Andy is my only brother, so I hold him very near and dear to my heart. He has always been the quiet type, and a little shy, but he is always up for a good laugh, and fun times with family.
My brother was doing well for himself before this disheartening event took place. He had a full-time job at UCI Hospital, and was proud of his career that he built for himself. With his salary, he was able to help our mom with bills, and groceries, and he took great pride in being able to help her.
Just as everyone else has, my little brother has had his share of heartache. Our mom had thyroid cancer, which she is now clear of, and that was a difficult time for all of us. Our dad, whom Andy was very close to, passed away leaving a hole in my brother's heart. I know that his passing away was extremely difficult for Andy. He went through a depression, and had a rough time dealing with it all. Sadly, the situation that brought upon the charges to Andy, happened when he was still dealing with our dad passing away, and his drinking put him in a state of mind that he isn't normally in. He made a bad choice to hang out with the wrong kind of people that night, and he was put in a situation that he wouldn't normally partake in.
Andy has never been in trouble with the law before this case. He has always kept to himself, he is always respectful, and he is a young man who has the right to live his best life possible.

Andy is young, and his entire life is waiting for him.
Please do not take away my little brother's future due to this unfortunate event that has him in the mercy of your hands.
Thank you,
Sylvia Richard

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