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Petitioning Eighteenth Judicial District Judge Carlos Samour Jr and 1 other

Judge Carlos Samour Jr., State of Colorado: Toss out not guilty by reason of insanity plea

Innocent people died in that theatre that evening doing something most Americans need to do. Relax. They had no chance to defend themselves and now many, many people must live every day with fear, anxiety or with the loss of a loved one. James Holmes planned this attack for months with careful scouting. He went into the theatre protection himself which to me screams that he obviously knew what he was doing was wrong and would cause harm. Judge Samour has shown that all it is takes to get away with murder is delay the system. That isn't the country I want to live in. One should not be granted human rights once you have violated human kind in that way. The only option should be guilty. I can certainly live with that. This isn't a debate about the death penalty but it is a debate on whether or not James Holmes knew he was going into that theatre with the intent to kill. Lets show the judge and the state the insanity plea is unacceptable.

Letter to
Eighteenth Judicial District Judge Carlos Samour Jr
Colorado Governor
Toss out not guilty by reason of insanity plea