Justice for Eddie Brown

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This is my father his name is Eddie Brown. He is 63 Years Old. He was arrested a year and a half ago over a civil suit. He was placed in a PRISON in Birmingham Al. He was then moved from prison to CALHOUN COUNTY DETENTION CENTER. During this time he was finally sent to trial where his judge BUD TURNER pleaded him guilty without bond. And his District Attorney SHEILA FIELDS has been very rude and has treated my father very poorly. My father has filed a suit with the US District Court for malicious prosecution and cruel and unusual punishment, the case is Brown Vs Turner (Case # CV-17-BE-0449-E). My father is being done so wrong. They have turned his civil suit into a criminal suit when a contract was signed under the Federal Arbitration Act and was clearly signed by BOTH parties but ignored by the court. Not to mention He is being treated like trash. He complained for 2 weeks about how bad his chest was hurting but no one did anything until he was in critical condition. My dad was then sent to ICU where the doctors performed a cath and diagnosed he was in bad condition and needed a stent but the Calhoun county system is not trying to allow it. This is just breaking my heart. How you lock a man away not in a jail but a prison for almost 2 years before telling him hes even guilty. Then not to mention the Calhoun County Jail is just filthy. They served my father spaghetti last week that had maggots in it. When they took him to the ICU he wasn't bathed they did his cath and sent him back to the jail in the same clothes they brought him in. My father is being treated like an animal and im sure he isnt the only one. My dad was a wonderful man he would give you the clothes off his back and his last dime if he could. He was no where near perfect but he tried. He was a African American business owner and the Calhoun county system does not like to see our kind doing well. So they have done all they could to hurt him. They locked him away with no bond but gave bond to the men who hung a girl from a bridge. The racism is real. Its sad how bad it has broken up black families. Please Share we are in need of any financial help or any help at all that can get my dad a lawyer who can set him free. He doesn't deserve this. Please contact me at ElizabethOphelia97@gmail.com